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Jason Trowles became an Area Manager of deVere France in 2010 after a highly successful period as a Senior Financial Adviser for deVere Brussels. He brings a wealth of experience to his role, accumulated during more than 14 years of international management experience.

Previously, Jason took a lead financial role at Marriott and before that held top-level positions with major firms in Cyprus and Spain, meaning he can immediately relate to, and shares, the aspirations and needs of deVere France’s core clientele: expatriates and international investors.

Not only is Jason highly skilled in the financial advisory sector, with qualifications in both Wealth Management and International Investments from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI), his personal and professional experiences empower him to find the very best financial planning solutions to enable his clients to reach, even exceed, their ultimate financial goals.

Since undertaking the role in deVere’s base in the French capital, the epicentre of one of the most regulated markets in Europe, Jason has consistently demonstrated exactly why he commands the respect and admiration of the deVere senior management, colleagues and clients alike.

He has a comprehensive knowledge of the global financial markets and an ability to relate their often complex and ever changing nature into clearly defined and understandable wealth opportunities.  It’s one of many reasons he draws praise from those he works with and, most significantly, those he works for.

Speaking recently, one client went on the record to say: “Jason contacted me through mutual acquaintances to offer his financial adviser services which were, as a resident of France, adapted to my needs. He is a very friendly yet professional adviser who focuses on his clients’ needs rather than standard packages and I expect my bespoke portfolio to do very well as a result.”

Another commented: “Jason took charge of my finances when he opened deVere offices in Paris, recommending more tax-efficient options and implementing them smoothly and efficiently. His work can’t be faulted.”

In a world were complication seems the norm and in an age where technology can all too often lead to impersonalisation, Jason brings a refreshingly personal approach that perfectly encapsulates the ethos of the deVere Group.  As a result, he plays not only a critical role in the day-to-day operations of the Paris office but also in deVere’s ambitious European plans for the future.

Away from the rewarding world of financial planning, Jason shares his Parisian home with wife Oksana.  He is an advocate of the Parisian lifestyle, both traditional and contemporary, is an enthusiastic cook and guitarist and takes a keen interest in Russian Literature.