Mike Coady - Coady Performance Group

Without doubt it is Mike’s accomplished 20-year background in an in-depth knowledge of the financial services sector, plus his global expatriate lifestyle, which have led him to become one of the most in-demand commentators on financial planning matters.

A highly-regarded opinion-former, he is a frequent contributor to the likes of The Financial Times, The Telegraph, CNBC, news agencies including Reuters, as well as industry publications such as International Adviser and International Investment.

On a personal level, Mike is an RDR Level 4 UK qualified and experienced IFA and has also been awarded his Fellowship by the Institute of Director’s (FloD).

Although experienced and qualified to UK standards of financial planning, due to his award-winning dealings with high-net-worth individuals and expats, much of Mike’s work focuses around retirement planning, children’s education and college fee funding, portfolio and asset management, protection and insurance planning and wealth preservation on death.

Mike has held senior positions for Guardian Wealth Management, Workplace Solutions, deVere Group, M2 Financial (Towergate) and Barclays Wealth. He has also worked for other finance brands including Woolwich Independent Financial Advisory Services and Prudential Assurance.

Mike is the Performance Director at Coady Performance Group, and Global Sales Director at Swiss Global Group.

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What Others Say

“Mike’s training over the last twelve month’s was one of the key factors in my progress as an Advisor, the motivation and inspiration given is infectious. His experience in both the international and UK market, will help any advisor who is willing to embrace the regulatory changes here in the UAE. I for one benefited […] - Jacob Hall, Financial Planner – Guardian Wealth Management
“I had the pleasure of working with Mike as a contractor for about a year. Mike delivered everything with passion and drive and was an inspirational leader in the business. Mike was very open minded when It came to making changes in the business which was refreshing. I would highly recommend Mike and enjoyed the […] - Chris Baigent-Reed, Founder – Jigsaw Tree Ltd
“Mike is an extremely dedicated,talented, focused and hard working professional. I have worked with him for over 6 years now and in that time have realised that there are few managers who have the ability to inspire, motivate and train on Mike’s level. His talents are wide ranging and I would without hesitation recommend him […] - Jai Patel, Business Development Manager – DEKO
“Mike is nothing but an inspiration. I am eternally grateful to him for his continual support & outstanding expertise. Having come from a very corporate and sheltered background where financial advice was concerned, Mike has helped me to excel in a more entrepreneurial environment and carved out what I deem is a fine art in […] - Marcia Avis, Consultant – Knight Frank Finance
“It is an absolute pleasure to recommend Mike. He is without any shadow of a doubt one of the most motivational, professional, articulate, knowledgeable, astute and positively driven business leaders that I have ever been inspired to be better by. Success and overachievement are part of his DNA and I continue to learn from him […] - Anthony Beaumont, Executive Wealth Manager – Guardian Wealth Management
“It is with great pleasure I recommend Mike Coady. He is a generous professional who knows how to build real and sustainable relationships. I have known Mike for over a year. During that time, he has been honest, trustworthy, and is always willing to go above and beyond. He takes great honor in helping others […] - Subbah Razaq, Head of Client Relations – Guardian Wealth Management
“At the core of the business Mike. The training and support that I have had from Mike has been instrumental to my success. Without question he is the cement that holds the Western Europe region together. He has a truly positive outlook on every scenario, and if you believe in him and his methodology, the […] - Tim Hinchliffe, Director – Aiglon Wealth Management
“Mike’s the nuts.” Christopher Moxon, Senior Associate – Holborn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopher-moxon-1a52b315/ - Christopher Moxon, Senior Associate – Holborn
“The experience, attention to detail and raw desire for success that Mike possesses is truly contagious. The time Mike spent at the GWM group was crucial in my personal development. No request is too much, no case too complex, Mike is the complete professional and truly deserves the reputation that precedes him.” Tyla Phillips, Chartered […] - Tyla Phillips, Chartered Financial Planner – Guardian Wealth Management
“I was fortunate to work with and be trained extensively by Mike during his time as Chief Commercial Officer at Guardian Wealth Management. Mike ran the graduate induction course and supported me throughout his time at Guardian which has enabled me to thrive in a competitive industry. He is a well-respected leader in the wealth […] - Nishan Balasingham, Financial Adviser – Guardian Wealth Management
“Mike is one of the most driven and inspirational people I have had the pleasure of working with. Focused and detail-oriented, Mike has a passion for success that filters through our region from top to bottom. He has always shown a genuine desire to lead and inspire through innovation and consultation.” David J. Naughton, Private […] - David J. Naughton, Private Client Adviser – Harrison Brook
“I worked for Mike in his team in Dubai. Mike is a highly talented Manager, Diligent and Proactive and was well respected by his team for being the No.1 performer in the region. I have found Mike to possess the highest level of enthusiasm and confidence and he is someone with an ability to charge […] - Paras Gosrani, Principal Consultant – Horizon International
“I spent time working with Mike in 2017 and found him to be a pleasure to work alongside. He understands his industry exceptionally well and is always looking for ways to drive the business forward. Mike had a huge capacity for work, undertaking many new projects at one time, and was always available for advice […] - Andrew Derrick, Senior Financial Planner – Guardian Wealth Management
“I’ve been working in Mikes region of Western Europe for 6 weeks working in the Brussels office which has been a great experience. Western Europe region is the best region to join to learn the business. Training and support is excellent and the team are a good bunch. Everyone has been very supportive and everything […] - Garry Williams, Director – Self employed
“I was lucky enough to have Mike working at Guardian during my first 9 months at the company. I found his training, mentoring and motivational skills extremely beneficial to not only my personal development but the companies progress and development over that time. The impact he had on the staff and the company during those […] - George Stainton, Investment Management Specialist – Guardian Wealth Management 
“Having known Mike for 7 years I can say that he is one of the most motivated and determined managers I have ever worked with. Mike has been a massive support to me since day 1 in deVere, is a true friend and someone I can always rely on. A great leader, a pleasure to […] - Brent Mayhew, Senior Associate – Holborn
“I had the pleasure of working with Mike for 2 and half years and found him to be a true leader in all senses. Mike would always be available and provide support and advice whenever needed. Mike took pleasure in other peoples achievements and would always recognise hard work and commitment. He has tremendous knowledge […] - David Eggison, Director – OME Mortgages Specialists
“Mike Coady has an aptitude for leading and motivating a geographically dispersed workforce that is unparalleled. His infectious energy, drive and passion, coupled with a willingness to share his strengths and experience make him an inspirational leader and a huge asset to the Company. A superb role model!” John Montague, Wealth Manager – deVere Switzerland […] - John Montague, Wealth Manager – deVere Switzerland
“Mike regularly produces creative, original ideas, plans, products or methods, well attuned to the needs and capabilities of the organisation, and producing clear benefits. He is a superb leader, who instinctively reads a situation correctly, understands the motivations and feelings of the other people and chooses the right time to proceed or withdraw in aspect […] - James Stanton, Co-Founder – Bluestone Currency
“Mike is the ultimate professional. He is knowledgeable, personable and very experienced in his field. I have had the benefit of working closely with Mike and his past experience within our industry has been priceless in my career development. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.” James Spencer, Executive Partner – Finsbury Associates […] - James Spencer, Executive Partner – Finsbury Associates
“Mike is an inspiring leader, knowledgeable, informative and professional at all times. His attention to detail, industry knowledge, work ethic and passion is an asset to any business organisation or team. Mike has high standards and pushes himself to achieve perfection on a daily basis.” Doug Tucker, Head of Asia – deVere Group & Sales […] - Doug Tucker, Head of Asia – deVere Group & Sales Commando
“Mike is a true professional to his fingertips who leads from the front with relentless passion and determination. Combined with his immense knowledge of the financial services industry and his natural communication and teaching skills, he constantly inspires and motivates his team to raise our own performance and skill levels to deliver the best quality […] - Daniel O’Leary, Area Manager – deVere Switzerland
“Since joining the company I have received a level and quality of training and support from without doubt the best and brightest in the industry; our European Director, Mike Coady, an inspirational and true professional who has always lead from the front with relentless passion and determination. Combined with his immense knowledge of the financial […] - John Mendy, Associate – JP Morgan
“Mike is an extremely experienced and well respected senior manager in the European & Middle East Wealth Management Industry. As a service provider to Mike, I have always been impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail that has enabled him to build one of the largest and most successful Wealth Managers in Europe.” Bill Tatham, […] - Bill Tatham, Executive Manager – deVere Group
“A larger than life character, inspiration, mentor and coach. During my time at a previous company Mike ran the European Operations, having known him for 8 years but only on a social basis I always found him very inspirational and insightful to speak with, which is why when it was announced he would be joining […] - Joe Woodhouse, Area Manager – Guardian Wealth Management

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