Meet The Team

Mike CoadyWealth Strategist

Mike Coady’s track record and accomplishments as a financial coach merit their own space. But the man behind the brand is an approachable people’s person and family man.

Mike was born in Shrewsbury to a dad with a busy career in oil and gas. He attended boarding school in the UK before gaining a taste of the wider world thanks to his father’s overseas job postings. As a child, he lived in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Jeddah, Doha and Thailand among a string of other destinations – giving him a particularly broad and well-rounded world view. He’s now a financial coach and wealth management expert based in Dubai, specialising in a range of financial advice for expats living in the Middle East.


Rebekah RoeClient Manager

Rebekah has worked with Mike Coady for over 10 years in Spain, the UK and Dubai. She is responsible for ensuring the process in its entirety is flawless. Rebekah is continuously training and developing the teams whilst maintaining the highest of standards.

We take our client proposition and journey extremely seriously and have therefore implemented key areas around transparency, approachable access, online features, and a personalised support team to name a few. Our clients know who and how to reach us at any time. This is super important to us as it encourages trust and reliability with their financial wellbeing.