Who are Investors Trust?

Investors Trust is the global brand representing the ITA Group of companies. ITA Group is an international group of insurance companies and subsidiaries in multiple jurisdictions around the world which aims to supply investors with access to the global markets through an array of unit-linked investment products.

The 3 jurisdictions from which Investors Trust can issue policies includes: Investors Trust Assurance SPC based out of the Cayman Islands, and rated A- (excellent) by AM Best: ITA Asia Limited, a Labuan licensed company based in Malaysia: and ITA International Insurer, a Puerto Rico based and licensed company. With other offices providing regional support in Hong Kong, Dubai and Montevideo, plus Miami.

With multiple jurisdictions to choose from, along with a wide range of investment solutions, Investors Trust provides international investors with endless possibilities. Investors have the power to build a plan that fits their individual needs.


What is it…?

The Evolution family of savings plans provide the flexibility for investors to save on either a non-contractual (flexible) or contractual basis. They are unit-linked savings plans designed to help investors save for the future, however, they wish, subject to low minimum premium levels.

What’s the investment choice?

You can select from a range of around nearly 300 funds from the biggest names in global fund management. The funds are all directly held funds, so no additional layers of cost. And there are no additional costs for switching between funds.

As it is a unit-linked regular savings plan, the Investors Trust Evolution is susceptible to market risks but effective management of the investment strategy and expert guidance of an investment adviser may add considerable mileage to the growth in fund values of the plan.


The Evolution Plan can be denominated in USD, GBP and EUR.



Minimum Deposit you can contribute?

$/GBP/Euro 100 per month for the contractual plan and $1000 per month for Evolution Plus and Select non-contractual plans.

The minimum term is 5 years up to a maximum of 25 years for the contractual plan. The Plus and Select versions have no term, just the requirement that the fund value at the end of year 1 is greater than $10,000.

What if I need access to the money early?

On the Evolution contractual plan, if there is full early encashment then penalties will be applied through surrender charges linked to the term of the policy. However, Investors Trust waives any surrender penalties after the plan has been in force for 15 years.

In effect, this means that evolution contractual policies will have a low surrender value during the early years. However, regular withdrawals and partial surrenders can be paid out after the primary initial period has ended and provided there are sufficient accumulation units available in the policy to surrender. These partial surrenders are free of any penalty charge.

For the Evolution Plus and Select, there are no surrender charges or penalties, as long as the plan has been going for 1 year. It is an extremely flexible option for clients who need to make changes may be due to a variable income stream, or just the short term that they can save for.

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    What are the fees and charges

    For the Evolution contractual plan a charge of 1.9% each year is charged to the premiums expected and based on the value of the initial units, it is deducted monthly. This charge will be deducted for the first 10 years and then reduces down to 0.35% per annum.

    There is also a Policy fee of $7, which will be deducted in arrears from the policy.

    Yearly an asset management charge: this charge is based on the policy value and will be deducted on a monthly basis at a rate of 1.5% each year.

    The Evolution Plus has a clean 1.9% per annum charge, deducted monthly in arrears, plus a policy fee of $10 per month. There are no additional annual management charge from Investors Trust.

    Evolution Select charges 1.5% per annum, as above, plus the $10 per month policy fee. There is an additional 1% per annum charge based on the value of the plan for the first 5 years.

    Underlying fund charges – the fund charges are made by the fund managers and include (but are not limited to) annual management charge, performance fee, bid-offer spread and/or switching fee. These can be between 0.5% and 3%.

    What about discounts or bonuses available?

    Investors Trust Evolution plan gives you a welcome bonus when you save more, this bonus is based on the annual contribution (up to 105%) and the extra percentage is added to every premium you pay for the whole term of the plan.

    You can also earn a loyalty bonus after 10 years of 7.5% of the premiums paid and thereafter every five years of 5% to help give your savings a regular boost.

    The loyalty bonus and the maturity bonus is dependent on all expected regular premiums being received.

    The Evolution Plus and Select do not receive any additional bonus units during the term of the plan or at maturity.

    Considerations before committing to an Investors Trust Savings plan

    The Investors Trust Evolution plan is recommended by traditional financial advisers as an ideal savings product for people who want to save to reach a financial goal.

    If you choose the contractual version of Evolution with a fixed term to the policy then if you surrender early you may get back substantially less than you actually invested, due to early encashment penalties. It is not intended as a short-term plan. You should not invest in such a plan if you may need the money for short-term financial goals. You should also not commit to saving a high monthly premium if you are unsure whether you will maintain that level of premium for the duration of the plan, as fees will depend on your initially agreed premium.

    If you do require more flexibility to the term of the plan and to the premiums that are paid each month then the Evolution Plus and Select are better options for you.

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