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Utmost Focus Review

Flexible Financial Savings Plan: for expat's who want to set aside money at a regular interval
Mike CoadyUtmost Focus Review

Who are Utmost Worldwide?

Utmost Worldwide is part of the Utmost Group of Companies. Operating from Guernsey, they specialise in offering life-assurance based wealth management and employee benefit solutions to a global, including multi-national organisations, international expatriates and local resident populations.

It’s principle business lines are Utmost Wealth Solutions, Utmost Corporate Solutions and Utmost Life and Pensions, which together are responsible for over £40bn in assets under administration and have over 600,000 clients. Now let’s talk about the Utmost Focus Plan.

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What is their Focus solution?

Utmost Focus is a new to market, regular contribution unit-linked Capital Redemption plan (it is also a life assured plan if required and suitable) enabling you to achieve growth on contributions. This savings plan helps expats with a disciplined saving approach towards short to mid-term (3-15 years) financial goals whether that be education fee planning for the children or retirement planning for your financial future.

These products offer an alternative savings vehicle to traditional bank accounts and long-term investment policies. It offers a wide range of investment funds and relatively short initial periods (lock-in periods). As specialists in this marketplace, Utmost Worldwide have good administrative and technological systems in place, allowing you ‘live’ access at any time.

What’s the investment choice?

The Utmost Focus plan provides access to both active funds and low cost passive funds.

You can access 45 funds at any time, allowing up to a maximum of 10 funds. You have unlimited switches and re-directions.

What are the payment options?

You can pay your premiums via Standing Order, Electronic Transfer, Credit Card or Debit Card.

Is the Utmost Focus multi-currency?

Policies are available in USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, SGD, JPY or AUD.

What is the minimum term for my Utmost Focus plan?

The minimum term is 3 years and the maximum term is 15 years.

What’s the minimum amount I can contribute to my Utmost Focus plan?

The minimum monthly premiums depends on the term of your policy, which is as per below and currency equivalent:

3- 4 years = $2,000

5 – 9 years = $750

10 – 15 years = $500

You can also add a single contribution at any time and the minimum amount for this would be $2,000, or currency equivalent.

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How do I get a valuation or see my plan statements?

Keep in touch with your investments 24/7 from wherever and with any device with your online access.

What if I need to access my money?

The Focus plan is designed so that you remain invested during your Commitment period in order to maximise your Plan performance. However, if absolutely necessary you can make withdrawals from your plan but in doing so, this can lead to your commitment reward reducing from 5% to 2.5% or being forfeit entirely.

If you are wanting to fully surrender, Utmost will deduct the establishment fee due to them up to the end of your commitment period. This will be calculated and included within your surrender value.

What are the charges?

Charges will vary according to the type of plan taken out from Utmost as they offer different charging structures. However typically you will see the following;

  • Regular Contribution Establishment Fee which is based on premium and term amount.
  • Maintenance Fee of $8.50 per month however this is waived when the investment value of the plan is at least $75,000 or the monthly regular contribution is at least $1,000.
  • Administration Fee is deducted monthly throughout the life of the plan and this is based on the investment value:
    • $0 + = 2.00%
    • $50,000 + = 1.75%
    • $100,000 + = 1.50%
    • $150,000 + = 1.25%
    • $200,000 + = 1.00%

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