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Mike Coady was appointed Chief Executive Officer of swissglobal in 2018, a position to which he brings a strong financial background and experience across a variety of roles. Mike is a skilled business strategy and growth leader, coach and motivator. He is a people’s person known for his ability to inspire teams towards excellence. He mentors his people and departments to transform their passion into outstanding results and long-lasting relationships with their clients.

Dubai Based

Mike CoadyDubai Based

Mike Coady – Experienced Dubai Expat


Mike was born to expat life thanks to his father’s oil and gas career – which took the family to expatriate hubs all around the world.

During his own career, Mike has lived as a Dubai expatriate for over 15 years.

In 2015, after having achieved the goals he had set out for himself, Mike embraced relocation by returning to London, UK taking on a number of Managing Director and Chairman roles for leading global financial advisory brands.

But Dubai was now in his blood. Here was a destination where effort counted, and where global expertise could be harnessed for local good. Mike took up an opportunity to return in 2017. He has since leveraged his skills and reconnected with old networks to once again immerse himself in life in the vibrant Emirate.

It was Mike’s network of connections and influences that eased him back into Dubai life. He realises the power of people, of connections, and of reaching out.

Financial Adviser Dubai

dubai relocationMike’s career has been devoted to financial services, where he has served with the industry’s leading brands globally. Much of his career has also centred on Dubai in the Middle East where he’s won a hard-earned reputation for not just talking the talk but walking the walk. Today, Mike has a stellar reputation as a knowledgeable adviser and confidant for expatriates when it comes to financial planning in the Middle East.

Mike is passionate about sharing what he’s learnt. As an expat himself, he knows exactly what people, like him, need to do so they can secure financial security. And when it comes to sharing information on industry news, or for personal development and growth, he is the first port of call for international publications and TV channels. His views, which you can read under Money Tips, Expat Advice and Pensions, take all the jargon and convolution out of the conversation. What you’re left with is simple, hard-hitting, straight talk that brings you results.

In addition, Mike is qualified to UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) standards, a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute, a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management (FISM), and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors (FIoD).

Mike has also translated his passion for helping individuals, teams and corporates make the most of their abilities into his own venture. As Director of the Coady Performance Group, he oversees a business that has a reputation for generating significantly enhances outcomes through the very best training courses and mentoring programs that lead to breakthrough performances. In addition, able to provide services and support in areas such as technology & infrastructure, marketing and branding, talent placement and lead generation, etc.

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