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Zurich Futura Review

Mike CoadyZurich Futura Review

Who are Zurich International?

Zurich International provides individual savings, investment and protection products, and has established branches in Bahrain, Hong Kong, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.
Zurich International Life is part of the Zurich Insurance Group, offering life insurance and investment and protection solutions throughout the world. Operating in international markets around the globe for many years, Zurich Insurance Group employs around 60,000 people in 170 countries.

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zurich vista savings plan

Zurich Future: What is it?

Zurich Futura is a flexible whole of life, unit-linked protection policy designed to accommodate changes to benefits as the circumstances of your life change. Futura is a protection policy; it is not an investment policy, and it is designed to pay a cash sum on the death of the life/lives assured.

What benefits are available via the Zurich Futura?

For single life, joint life first death and joint life both death policies the benefits are as follows:

  • Life Cover
  • Terminal Illness Benefits
  • Aeroplane Cover
  • Waiver of Premium Benefits
  • Critical Illness Benefits
  • Children’s Critical Illness Benefit
  • Permanent and Total Disability Benefit
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Dismemberment Benefit
  • Hospitalisation Benefit


What are the age limitations on the Zurich Futura?

The policyholder must be age 18 and above, and a maximum of 74 years.

What are the payment terms for Zurich Futura?

The Zurich Futura plan USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, CHF and JPY.

The accepted payment methods are Credit Card, Cheque, Bank Standing Order, Telegraphic Transfer and Direct Debit.

The premium frequency can be monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly.

What are the fees and charges on a Zurich Futura plan?

Regular premiums are allocated at the following rates:

Years 1 -2 = 0%

Years 3 – 9 = 93%

Years 10+ = 98%

This means that for the first two years, at least, all your premiums are used to pay the set up charges. For years 3 until 9 Zurich will take 7% on initial charge from your regular premiums, and from year 10 onwards Zurich take a 2% initial charge. Single premiums are allocated at 84% , meaning that Zurich take 16% initial charge. A monthly administration charge also applies at $7.50, or currency equivalent.

The annual fund management charge is deducted from each fund by the fund manager prior to calculating the unit price.

Zurich’s mirror fund charges may apply and this current charge is 0.75%. Premium cessation, credit card, and currency charges also apply.


MENA Insurance Review Awards (2015 – 2019)

– Overall Insurer of the Year
– Life Insurer of the Year (fifth consecutive year)

International Adviser Awards (2018)

– Best International Protection Plan – Life

International Adviser Life Awards (2014 – 2017)

– Best regular premium investment product
– Best protection product (fourth consecutive year)
– Reader’s choice award (fourth consecutive year)

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Main considerations before committing to a Zurich Futura plan

Buying Futura is a long term commitment. Stopping or reducing premiums may cause your policy to lapse. If this happens the policy will end, all benefits will stop and you will not get your money back.

If you don’t answer all the questions on your application fully, truthfully and accurately, we may not pay a benefit claim.

You choose the policy currency at outset and this cannot be changed.

What about discounts or bonuses available?

Zurich Futura offers at 10% discount upon monthly premium for the term of the policy. This is subject to availability, and may expire.

They also offer, from the tenth policy anniversary, and each year thereafter, a 0.5% of the policy value each year as a loyalty bonus.

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