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Planning for a prosperous future begins with structuring your finances in the right way. Whether you’re preparing for repatriation or want to minimise the tax burden on your personal income or business, as a specialist tax consultant in Dubai, Mike Coady can help you plan ahead.


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What Can Expat Tax Planning Do For Me?

Having a trusted expat tax consultant by your side can allow you to reduce your tax bills, avoid hefty fines, and get to know your tax obligations as an expat living in the UAE. It’s a great way to keep your finances healthy and plan for future goals and growth.

As an award-winning money coach and wealth management adviser, Mike provides a tailored service to make sure your income is tax efficient and compliant.

Why Is Expat Tax Planning Important?

Though most individuals and companies have to pay it, tax doesn’t have to be a financial burden if it’s handled in the right way. With Mike’s expat tax advice, you can stay compliant and become more tax efficient, even as you scale up your business, income or assets.

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Our Expat Tax Services

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Reduce Taxable Income

If you’re an individual with a high salary income living in the UAE, an expat tax professional like Mike Coady can help you plan your finances to reduce your future tax burdens. Book a Discovery Meeting today to see how he can reduce your short and long-term tax burden and manage your tax obligations efficiently.

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Mike gives expert financial advice across a range of sectors, including international wealth management. This means he can tailor his expat tax planning advisory service around your requirements, including offering guidance should you relocate or repatriate.

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International Tax Wrappers

An investor can place a tax wrapper around their investment to shelter their investments from paying some or all of the tax. Find out more about this tax optimisation strategy and whether you’re eligible by arranging a call with Mike Coady.

non residence tax returns

Non Resident Tax Returns

Being an expat earning away from your country of residence has tax implications that require prepared expat tax planning. Let us help you understand these tax implications before you decide to pack your bags for repatriation.

statutory residence test advice and help

Statutory Residence Test

Understanding how and when you become a tax resident is imperative, otherwise you could receive a hefty fine. To avoid any costly surprises, or simply to calculate your allowance based on time spent in different countries, let us complete your statutory residency test for you.

Understanding Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax Planning

You have worked hard all of your life and instead of your family enjoying the inheritance benefit in its entirety, a large sum is often paid to the government. Mike can help you plan ahead so that your family and beneficiaries can receive the optimum amount of inheritance.


Who are Mike Coady’s Services for?

Mike Coady’s expat tax planning and financial advice is designed for senior professionals, families and businesses based in the UAE and other GCC regions.

Why Choose Mike Coady?

  • Industry leader and expat expert in Dubai
  • Award-winning money coach
  • Qualified to UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) standards
  • Member of the Chartered Insurance Institute
  • 25-year track record of success in the financial services sector
  • Over 100 5-star client reviews
  • Featured as a highly qualified Financial Adviser
Get financial advice from Mike Coady which is designed for senior professionals

Other Services

Piggy Bank with change

Wealth Management

Wealth management offers clarity on your current outlook and brings clarity to your future investment plans.

Get financial advice to buy a property


From expat mortgages to buying property abroad or in the UK, Mike Coady can help you manage the financial aspects of property sales and purchases.

Create your financial plan in advance like a chess game


If you want to set yourself up for many years of financial prosperity, selecting a financial advisor with fiduciary and trusts experience is a great place to start.


What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

My experience with Mike is excellent. When you invest, first thing you look for is trust. Second thing is good advice. I can say it took very little to build that trust with Mike, and his advice is always full of common sense, looking for diversification and a level of risk that adjusts to my profile. Worth to mention is his constant search for new ideas and different approaches in order to…
Mike engages extensively with me to understand my investment objectives and my investment risk appetite to structure my investment portfolio. My experience of dealing with Mike has been excellent with on-going engagement from Mike for investment updates and indeed to understand if there are any changes in life that need to be considered from an investment and…
I find Mike extremely easy to talk to, someone, who delivers on his promises and makes sure that effective communication is at the heart of our relationship. As a result of his advice, my portfolio is on track. I have already shared Mike’s details with several of my friends who have all equally found his advice & guidance invaluable. Mike is supported by a great team who…

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    What happens when I book a Discovery Meeting?

    The Discovery Meeting is a 30 minute Zoom call with Mike Coady. It’s a chance for him to get to know your financial requirements and discuss how his expat tax planning can help you reach your goals.

    What’s the difference between tax optimisation and tax avoidance?

    Tax planning involves legal financial practices to help you organise your finances and save money on tax costs, whereas tax avoidance refers to illegal tax dodging.

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