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When Albert Einstein said: “The only source of knowledge is experience” I believe he wasn’t too far away from a profound truth. Of course, in our industry formal qualifications are a prerequisite – forming the vital building blocks of knowledge that allow us to undertake the complex business of financial consultation.

However, I firmly believe that a significant part of the knowledge each of us develops over time is experience based, and this thought underpinned a special two-day mentoring event we recently held at Stapleford Park in Leicestershire.

The mentors consisted of myself, Head of Advice & HNW, Mitch Hopkinson and Head of Distribution, Kevin White. This is the first event of its kind that we’ve held, to which we invited along five of our top Wealth Managers.

Amongst these select attendees were Jack Ellice, Alex McIntyre, Nathan Lennox, Andrew Pickering and Family Wealth Manager, Scott Millar. Here, Scott describes the event in terms of his personal and professional development:

“I joined deVere United Kingdom in August 2015 and since then I achieved my examinations to progress from the administration team to adviser status.

“deVere United Kingdom offers a great opportunity to any individual wanting to forge a successful career in the financial services industry. This is made possible by the time the senior management take in coaching and training all staff which is provided regularly and is of the highest quality.

“Recently I qualified for two days of intense training at Stapleford Park. This event was purely dedicated to mentoring which was a massive opportunity for me at this stage of my career. These two days were focused on our mindset and strategies that will enable us to progress to the next level.

“The event was a massive success and something I was really pleased to be part of. I now feel confident that I have a clear plan for the future which will enable me to improve not only my life but also how I can really engage with my clients and improve their lives for the better through astute financial guidance.”

I am so pleased that Scott Millar, along with our other guests, gained so much from the event.

As a senior management team, we have much experience to impart and we’ll be using the Stapleford Park two days as a blue print for further mentoring sessions for more key staff in the future.