deVere United Kingdom, the UK arm of deVere Group, one of the world’s leading financial advisory organisations, is looking for more talented, motivated, ambitious Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) to join its world class team.

This recruitment drive follows continually growing demand for deVere United Kingdom’s services.  The increase in the amount of business done is between 120 and 150 per cent each year for the past two years.

So what can IFAs expect when they join deVere United Kingdom?

As deVere United Kingdom is part of the global deVere Group, the job will be extremely varied and highly rewarding.  As our current IFAs will testify, every member of the team is valued, and receives first rate support and back-up from the company on the road to success.

IFAs will benefit from extensive training and development, which includes deVere’s top trainers and leading investment strategists, amongst other experts, regularly visiting the offices to offer their invaluable advice and insight to the team.

As one of the most-respected financial advisory firms in the country with clients nationwide, deVere United Kingdom manages the life cycle of many high-net-worth and mass affluent clients’ financial planning, from wealth creation to the exit strategy when they will start to use their funds.

deVere United Kingdom also has a growing sub-division specifically for mortgages, which will, unquestionably, continue to expand as the government crackdown on lending and invasive questioning policy for mortgage applicants comes into effect.  IFAs that join the team will receive introductions to new clients from the deVere bank of qualified potential and existing clients.

Furthermore, deVere United Kingdom has recently launched its new workplace solutions department.  Members of the team offer whole of the market advice on workplace pension schemes in order to achieve and exceed clients’ long-term financial goals.

End to end back-up support, as well as the provision of client appointments allows IFAs within deVere United Kingdom to enjoy the best of both worlds; the same high level of business activity as in a banking environment, but treated as an IFA.

To become a part of this ongoing success, work in a fantastic office environment, have amazing opportunity for growth and actively encouraged management potential, contact deVere United Kingdom’s Kevin White via email at