I was recently invited to visit Goldman Sachs’ flagship offices in New York City, together with a selection of my deVere colleagues, to participate in an interactive presentation regarding customer service.

During the event, we were informed that of the thousands of clients of various financial service organisations who had recently been questioned by Goldman Sachs researchers, it was found that the main points of dissatisfaction consumers had were.

–        A lack of understanding between adviser and client

–        Client don’t always receive a comprehensive after-sales service

–        Concern that financial advisers need to increase interest in clients’ requirements, rather than their own gain

–        Clients believe they’re not achieving their financial goals

–        Clients can feel abandoned by advisers at their time of need

deVere’s Golden Rules

At deVere we have a set of ‘Golden Rules for Customer Service’.  These key factors help our advisers to meet clients’ needs, make deVere stand out from the competition, and have helped the group become one of the world’s leading independent financial organisations.

I believe one of the most important factors to guarantee customer satisfaction is to listen.  It is an adviser’s job to listen and understand what their clients want and need.  Then they can focus on achieving, and in many cases even exceeding, clients’ financial goals.

Another ‘golden rule’ is to always be available to the client and help them whenever and wherever possible.  Even if there is nothing to be gained from it, the client will know you can be relied upon and is more likely to remain loyal.  ‘Going the extra mile’ is essential in today’s market, particularly due to a rise in competition and fall in consumer spending.

It is also essential to keep in touch with clients, a simple phone call or email asking how they are, shows you’re interested in them, and not just available when you’re selling them something.

An effective technique is for advisers to put themselves in their clients’ position. Ask yourself what you would want from a financial adviser, and what is the best way to go about meeting their requirements.  This helps to break down barriers, after all, we’re all on the same side.

Forming a good relationship with a client is essential.  When focusing on long term financial goals, there needs to be an excellent rapport between adviser and client, to reinforce customer loyalty and maintain a content, beneficial relationship.

For the complete list of deVere’s ’18 Golden Rules of Customer Service’, click here: