Who are Investors Trust?

Investors Trust is the global brand representing the ITA Group of companies. ITA Group is an international group of insurance companies and subsidiaries in multiple jurisdictions around the world which aims to supply investors with access to the global markets through an array of unit-linked investment products.

The 3 jurisdictions from which Investors Trust can issue policies includes: Investors Trust Assurance SPC based out of the Cayman Islands, and rated A- (excellent) by AM Best: ITA Asia Limited, a Labuan licensed company based in Malaysia: and ITA International Insurer, a Puerto Rico based and licensed company.

With other offices providing regional support in Hong Kong, Dubai and Montevideo, plus Miami.

With multiple jurisdictions to choose from, along with a wide range of investment solutions, Investors Trust provides international investors with endless possibilities. Investors have the power to build a plan that fits their individual needs.


Investors Trust Access Portfolio Bond: What is it?

The Access Portfolio family are single premium international whole of life investment plans designed for capital growth over any term. They provide a wide range of tax efficient investment options that cater for almost any attitude to risk.

What’s the investment choice?

The Access Portfolio Bond is an open architecture style product that offers a wide range of investments, including Mutual funds, stocks, ETFS, hedge funds, bonds, Structured Notes, currency deposits, etc. This means that an investor can customise the portfolio to suit their precise needs and risk profile. The Access Portfolio bond allows you to manage and administer all of your investments simply and efficiently via the Investors Trust online portal.

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    What currency can I invest in?

    The Access Portfolio Bond can be denominated in USD/GBP/Euro. Underneath this investors can hold currency accounts in over 10 other free convertible currencies.

    What Term can I invest for?

    The Access Portfolio Bond offers 5 years (Access5000), 8 Years (Access 8000) and Access Plus which has no fixed term.

    Access Portfolio Bond: Minimum you can contribute?

    USD/Euro75,000 or GBP50,000 as an initial lump sum and then $7,500 as additional contributions.

    Am I eligible for Investors Trust Access Portfolio Bond?

    Access is available to individuals, companies and trustees provided they are not subject to any legislation which prevents them from making an investment. Individuals need to be 18 years of age or older to apply for Access.

    What are the fees and charges on an Investors Trust Access Portfolio Bond?

    Access Portfolio Bond the as a range of charging structures that can be tailored to best suit the needs of the investor. Investors Trust kept things simple when they designed the Access Portfolio Bond, they provided 3 versions of the plan (5 year, 8 year and open ended) and each of these have 3 charges applied to them.

    The administration charge depends on the term of the plan and varies from 1% to 1.8% per annum depending on the term of the plan chosen.
    The Quarterly charge of between $90 and $180 (or GBP60-120)
    A dealing charge of $30 (or GBP20) is deducted for each purchase, sale or transfer of an investment.
    There are no other fees applied for currency exchange, in-specie asset exchange, or custodian fees.

    The underlying assets purchased via the Access Portfolio bond may of course have their own fees and charges, these are determined by the underlying investment manager.

    What if I need access to the money early?

    The Access Portfolio bond allows for regular or one-off withdrawals from the plan at any time, as long as the minimum requirements for the Access Portfolio bond are maintained.

    A full encashment of an Access5000 or 8000 plan during the term chosen would incur surrender penalties. These can be quite high during the initial years. It is important that you see these plan options as longer term investments. If you require more flexibility the Access Plus offers this as the minimum term is only 1 year.

    Main considerations before committing to an Investors Trust Access Portfolio Bond

    The Investors Trust Access Portfolio Bond is recommended by financial advisers as an ideal investment solution for people who want flexibility to invest in multiple assets via a single investment portal in a tax efficient manner.

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