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Financial advice will help to boost retirement savings

Mike CoadyFinancial News Financial advice will help to boost retirement savings

Financial advice will help to boost retirement savings

A recent survey undertaken by unbiased.co.uk and AXA Life Invest confirms what we at deVere Group have always known: that those individuals who seek advice from a wealth management professional will be financially better off in retirement.

The results highlighted that those who sought financial advice relatively early on in their working lives saved an average £98 per month more into their pension pot, than those who decide to ‘go it alone’ when it comes to retirement planning. This extra amount would result in an additional income of £3,654 per year based on a £100,000 pension pot.

The figures also showed that if average savings grow by 5 per cent a year between the ages of 40 and 65, then your pension pot will be £63,595 more than an individual who hasn’t taken steps to increase their savings.

What the results of this survey highlight is that it is never too early to start planning and saving for retirement. Of the financial advisers polled, they were confident they could boost individuals’ retirement income if they sought advice at least 15 years before they wished to start drawing their pension.

Many younger people make the decision to delay preparing for their old age as they presume their earnings will be greater later on in their careers. However it is our experience at deVere Group that younger individuals have more disposable income, as they are less likely to have children and the responsibility of maintaining the family home than older people, and they therefore may find it easier to put funds aside for retirement.

More and more people are spending a third of their lifetime in retirement, so putting as much money aside as possible is crucial, particularly as living costs, medical and care expenses and taxes are on the rise. Retirement is far too important to leave to chance. A ‘head in the sand’ approach could result in potentially devastating consequences, particularly as there is a high improbability that State-funded pensions will be available for future generations.

The ideal situation for the majority of people is to enjoy an active, financially-secure retirement. But unless you put money aside during your working life, it is likely that you’ll need to drastically reconsider your retirement plans when you hit 65.

The role of the independent financial adviser is therefore becoming more crucial than ever, which is why retirement planning forms an integral part of what we do at deVere Group.

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