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Have you always wanted to leave behind a lasting legacy for your loved ones? There’s no better way to make that happen with Mike Coady’s inheritance tax planning services, covering you while you’re an expat in Saudi Arabia. Working closely with you, Mike will help you put a plan in place to maximise your legacy – and answer all of your inheritance tax questions. Learn more below, or book your free Discovery Meeting today to get started.


What can Inheritance Tax Planning do for me?

You’ve worked hard – you deserve not only to live life to the fullest throughout your retirement, but have the freedom to leave behind a legacy for your loved ones when the time comes.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know where to begin navigating the ins and outs of inheritance tax. This is where Mike comes in. An award-winning financial adviser, he can help you structure your finances in the most tax efficient way possible, all while maintaining your compliance. Working closely with you, he can help formulate an action plan to allow you to maintain and grow your wealth, maximising the legacy you leave behind. With 25 years of experience, Mike has the know-how to minimise your inheritance tax burden, allowing your loved ones to benefit as much as possible from your wealth.

Why is Inheritance Tax Planning Important?

If you’re serious about maximising the legacy you leave behind, inheritance tax planning is a vital service. By structuring your finances in the most efficient way possible, Mike will help make the inheritance process easier for your loved ones – and help you maximise the percentage of your wealth that you’re able to leave behind.

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Our Other Tax Advice Services

Reduce Tax Income

Would you like to build your savings in advance of your retirement? A great way to do this is by reducing your taxable income, and Mike Coady can help you do this effectively.

International Tax Wrappers

Do you have international investments? Mike could help you place a tax wrapper around them, reducing the tax you’re required to pay on them.


Considering returning home to the UK? Mike can offer tailored guidance to help you plan your relocation in the most tax-efficient way, allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest.nd your requirements, including offering guidance should you relocate or repatriate.


Who are Mike’s Inheritance Tax Advice Services suitable for?

No matter how long you’ve lived in Saudi Arabia – whether you’ve recently become a resident there or have spent your whole life in the country – Mike is here to help. He works with individuals and families on a regular basis, providing a wide range of tax and retirement planning services across Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Why Choose Mike Coady?

  • Industry leader in the financial sector and expat expert
  • Award-winning money coach
  • Qualified to UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) standards
  • Member of the Chartered Insurance Institute
  • 25-year track record of success in the financial services sector

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

My experience with Mike is excellent. When you invest, first thing you look for is trust. Second thing is good advice. I can say it took very little to build that trust with Mike, and his advice is always full of common sense, looking for diversification and a level of risk that adjusts to my profile. Worth to mention is his constant search for new ideas and different approaches in order to...
Mike engages extensively with me to understand my investment objectives and my investment risk appetite to structure my investment portfolio. My experience of dealing with Mike has been excellent with on-going engagement from Mike for investment updates and indeed to understand if there are any changes in life that need to be considered from an investment and assurance perspective. Mike’s support team are also excellent to deal with and handle all the...
I find Mike extremely easy to talk to, someone, who delivers on his promises and makes sure that effective communication is at the heart of our relationship. As a result of his advice, my portfolio is on track. I have already shared Mike’s details with several of my friends who have all equally found his advice & guidance invaluable. Mike is supported by a great team who always make sure that I...

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    Do I have to pay taxes on inheritance in Saudi Arabia?

    Wondering how to avoid inheritance tax? The good news is that Saudi Arabia itself doesn’t have an inheritance tax, although if you’re looking to leave behind parts of your estate to loved ones back home in another country, you’re likely to be charged tax on what you leave behind. Mike will help minimise these tax bills.

    Are you able to work with expats living in Saudi Arabia?

    Yes, Mike is an expat specialist, having qualified to the UK and emigrated to the UAE himself. He will help you navigate the complexities of inheritance, no matter where you’d like your fortune to end up.

    How do your inheritance tax planning services work?

    They all start with a free, 30-minute consultation called a Discovery Meeting. This gives Mike a chance to learn more about you and your requirements, and gives you the opportunity to find out more about how the service works.

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