Who are Fairway Group?

The FlexGlobal international savings plan is administered by the Fairway Group. Fairway are an owner managed, independent fiduciary group offering trust, fund and pension services. The company has a 17 year track record and has assets under administration of GBP 3.5 billion. Fairway is based in Jersey, which is a Crown Dependency of the UK and a self governing parliamentary democracy, with its own judicial, legal and financial system. In addition to being a globally recognised international financial centre the island has a robust regulatory framework overseen by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. As a regulated entity Fairway are listed in the JFSCs online public register .


What is it…?

FlexGlobal is a low cost, flexible savings plan that provides access to diversified multi asset class solutions from some of the most reputable fund managers. FlexGlobal can be used for one off lump sums, regular contributions or a combination of the two. It can also be used to hold assets within both QROPS and SIPPs pension wrappers. There are no minimum investment limits and there is no contractual fixed term. The annual product fee is just 0.45% per annum with underlying investment funds starting at 0.08% per annum AMC, which makes it one of the most cost effective and flexible solutions in the international savings market.

Certainty of a Jersey Estate

By placing assets into a FlexGlobal savings plan, you benefit not only from the peace of mind provided by knowing that your assets are administered from such a well regulated jurisdiction as Jersey, but also that in the event of your demise your assets will pass promptly to your nominated beneficiaries. This is accomplished through the inclusion of a Jersey Will in every application form, which covers your entire “movable” Jersey Estate. This comprises not only your FlexGlobal savings plan, but potentially also any other “non property” assets you may hold in Jersey, such as an offshore bank account or other investments.

What’s the Investment Choice

For conventional investors there is a line up of 29 multi asset funds from some of the biggest and best names in the industry. These include Aberdeen Standard Investments, BlackRock, AllianceBernstein and HSBC, whilst Shariah compliant investors have access to a number of funds managed by Emirates NBD Asset Management. The advantage of using multi asset funds is that every investor will always have a diversified portfolio of assets in order to target the best possible returns within risk parameters matched to their personal circumstances. All funds are actively managed in terms of their asset allocation but use a variety of methods such as direct investments, ETFs or best of breed active funds to gain their underlying exposures. Importantly, all the funds offer institutional level pricing ranging between 0.08%-0.90% AMC per annum.


The FlexGlobal plan can be denominated in all major currencies, whilst the underlying investment funds have share classes available in GBP/USD/EUR/CHF. The client subscription accounts are held with Barclays in Jersey and overseen by Fairway. FlexGlobal does not accept credit card payments since card scheme providers (eg Visa and Mastercard) do not permit investments to be made on credit.

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    What are the fees and charges

    The FlexGlobal savings plan has a one off setup fee of GBP 200 (or currency equivalent) per investor, followed by an annual administration fee of 0.45% per annum. There is also a one off termination fee of GBP 200 (or currency equivalent) when you finish with the plan.

    There is no requirement to hold a minimum cash balance and all investors will be 100% invested at all times. On a quarterly basis, Fairway will redeem the appropriate amount from the underlying investments to meet their annual administration fee. There are no other product related fees or penalties for dealing, switching, early surrender or other eventualities. This makes FlexGlobal one of the simplest and straight forward investment products in terms of charges in the market place.

    What about discounts or bonuses available

    FlexGlobal does not offer any discounts or bonuses, just a simple, plain charging structure that is easy to understand.

    Do I need a financial adviser?

    You must have a financial adviser to invest into FlexGlobal, whose role is to guide you in the suitability assessment of FlexGlobal for your personal needs and to match you to the most appropriate investment choice. Your financial adviser will charge you for their services, which will be in addition to the standard product fees. An adviser can charge up to a predetermined maximum limit and all such charges will be deducted from your savings plan at the relevant point only with your full agreement. The adviser fees are fully visible to you at all times and ensure investor interests are maintained by full disclosure in line with regulatory best practice.

    Minimum deposit & ease of access

    FlexGlobal has no minimum investment levels and no restrictions on access to funds. However, investors should note that any investment into the financial markets should realistically be considered a medium-to-long term investment and should not typically consider a product such as FlexGlobal for less than three years. However, in the eventuality of a change of circumstances that may necessitate access to funds you will not be restricted or excessively penalised for either redemption from or termination of your FlexGlobal plan.

    Main considerations before committing to a FlexGlobal savings plan

    FlexGlobal is suitable for a wide range of scenarios and the combination of its low overall cost structure and complete flexibility set it apart from most traditional offshore savings products. It can be applied to a variety of different savings scenarios and provides certainty in the event of demise through its Jersey Will. FlexGlobal is not intended as a tax planning vehicle due to its legal structure as a nominee service, which means that you remain the ultimate beneficial owner and in control of the assets at all times.

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