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Insurers are making holidaymakers aware that if they post on social media announcing they are abroad it could invalidate their home insurance.

We are seeing insurance companies increasingly rejecting claims made by clients who have been burgled whilst away on holiday if they have published on social media that they are away from their homes and on holiday.

The Financial Ombudsman in the UK has issued warnings with regards to publishing on social media while on holiday, allowing potential burglars to find out that their homes are empty.

How is this done?

Insurance firms have a clause within the majority of contracts that requires clients to be “reasonably careful” with regard to keeping their property safe and secure.

Some insurers have declined claims on the basis of “breach of the policy” because clients have not taken precautions and have posted on social media channels that they are away.

This is applied to celebrities as well, as John Terry fell victim to a burglary a few years back after sharing on social media that he was away with family on a skiing holiday.

Do we believe there is a link or is it pure coincidence?

According to research – there’s a link, and a 5-pointer guide was issued by the financial ombudsman to avoid this from happening:

  • Make sure your profile is locked and private at all times
  • Unfriend anyone that is not a true or trusted person/friend/relative from your social media channels.
  • Switch off your location settings/services
  • Do a search on yourself to make sure no personal information has been revealed by anybody else
  • Remove any personal details from your personal pages, such as a house, number, etc.

It appears that criminals have used social media channels to track their victims’ movements and whereabouts.

Be careful what images you are posting, captions you are writing, and locations you check-in.

Instead of posting while away on your holidays, post when you are back and have the reassurance that your home is safe and secure, and that your home insurer is happy and still applicable.

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