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Exciting news, below, which has just been published about my appointment as a Fellow of the Institute of Directors:

“Mike Coady has become a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, the highest ranking and most privileged membership level of the world renowned business leaders’ organisation.

Qualification to become a Fellow of the Institute of Directors (FIoD) is based on exacting criteria and is a rarefied status bestowed on only 3.5 percent of the Institute of Directors’ 38,000 strong membership.

With an exemplary business directorship record, Mike Coady surpassed the fellowship qualifying criteria and can now use the letters FIoD after his name.

It’s a privilege, as Mike himself points out: “As a member of the Institute of Directors and now to be invited to become a Fellow member really is an honour. I take my leadership roles extremely seriously and to be recognised in this way, to enjoy the many benefits of being a Fellow, and to be amongst my peers at this level, is an extremely rewarding experience.”

Mike is at the forefront of providing world-class financial planning for expats.