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Ever since the ‘new normal’ has begun, people have started to look for ways to increase productivity levels and adapt to this changing markets. This has then resulted in demand for online learning.

In April, LinkedIn have recorded 7.7 million hours’ worth of watched courses. According to the analytics provider, App Annie, the education app downloads boosted to 90% when the pandemic hit hard globally in March.

LinkedIn’s most popular online courses were themes on telecommunicating, virtual skills and collaborative working. Specifically, here are LinkedIn’s top 10 online courses:

Time management: Working from home

Remote work foundations

The six morning habits of high performers

Learning Zoom

Managing stress for positive change

Tips for working remotely

Microsoft Teams essential training

Building resilience

Interpersonal communication

Excel essential training (Office 365)

Topics related to resume-writing, mindfulness and programming language were also some of the users’ top picks during the same period.

With these activities to future-proof one’s career, workers clearly demonstrate their efforts to cope and adapt with the current uncertainties. Either picking up some new skills or honing the current ones, it is vital now more than ever that companies and professionals alike to move forward together so those skills would not be put into waste.

As LinkedIn’s Vice President of Talent and Learning Solutions for Asia-Pacific, Feon Ang, said “Think through what you can do to make the best of this situation and what you hope to achieve during this pandemic. Add this to your daily routine and stick by it.”

In that sense, learning is achieved in every possible way, it is universal, and it should be continuous.

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