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GWM have today announced the launch of their new cutting edge, in-house training and knowledge accelerator known as GWM Illuminate.


Mike Coady, Chief Commercial Officer at GWM Group states: “GWM Illuminate is a new, ultra-modern and forward thinking people engagement tool that delivers the very best CPD accredited regulated learning across the entire business. Our new platform is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any device and from anywhere in the world.”


GWM Illuminate offers every employee within GWM access to a plethora of learning material. From a suite of CII and CISI learning materials, internal GWM training modules, processes and systems, and key partner providers training and engagement materials.


GWM Illuminates provides a clear industry leading solution to continue to the upskilling for existing teams as well as new entrants to the company. The GWM Illuminate platform has been resourced to continually evolve daily with a significant number of new learning programmes scheduled for release over the coming months.


The learning contains both structured and unstructured modules and pathways, and is packed with features such as exam guidance, hints and tips, weekly bite sized chunks of essential learning, video tuition, assignments, online timed exams with immediate results and feedback. GWM Illuminate also offers neat applications such as instant messaging to instructors, and in-platform peer-to-peer communication systems. Our user interface works on any device including smartphones making learning easily accessible.


This technically brilliant and content rich people engagement tool will integrate seamlessly within the company’s Learning & Development objectives for its staff, allowing us to understand in detail each employee’s personal development needs, focus on those needs and work together to develop their own learning journey.


Coady said: “GWM are extremely excited to have integrated the use of this technology, which will ensure all of us here at GWM will focus on upskilling our knowledge, whether this be industry, company or provider focused. The opportunity to become better is now truly at the end of our fingertips.”