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Since the launch of deVere Mortgages  a year ago, the success story continues to grow on a global scale.

Set-up by FCA-regulated deVere United Kingdom, part of deVere Group, one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations, to meet growing demand from expat clients, deVere Mortgages is now a market leader in providing an extensive range of mortgage products and advice for those living outside Britain.

Over the last 12 months, deVere Mortgages have secured mortgage lending for 95 per cent of clients living and/or working overseas, despite them being deemed more ‘high risk’ by the overwhelming majority of UK lenders.

There has been a month-on-month increase in mortgage enquiries from expats and overseas buyers since the launch of deVere Mortgages. And in the last quarter of 2015 there was an even more pronounced surge.

More than 70 per cent of all enquiries come from foreign nationals or British nationals living and working abroad, and the overwhelming majority of these individuals, approximately 60 per cent, currently reside in Switzerland, Spain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar and the Far East.

There are two main factors contributing to this surge. First that as interest rates have been so low for so long, many individuals are of the opinion that this is now the norm, and are therefore encouraged to buy property.

Second is the strong outlook in the UK’s property market as well as high rental yields, which is triggering demand.  Coupled with the ongoing shortage of homes in areas such as London, the South East of England and Manchester.

Success stories

Some of deVere Mortgages’ past success stories involve a lawyer based in Dubai, who was looking to return to the UK within two years, but was unable to secure a mortgage whilst still living outside Britain.  deVere Mortgages assisted in securing a “Decision in Principle” for his chosen property and the completion is now proceeding.

A Legal Counsel in Abu Dhabi with a tight two-week deadline on exchanging contracts on a property, contacted deVere Mortgages who invested extra time to ensure he met the deadline and completed on the property.

In addition, a Switzerland-based expat, receiving his salary in Swiss Francs, was intending to buy a home in the UK, for his family to live in, priced at £655,000.  deVere Mortgages secured a mortgage for £430,000 at a 3.5 per cent interest rate for five years.

A first time buyer came to deVere Mortgages wanting to buy a commercial property on the same industrial estate to where they currently trade from. The net effect being the client has now secured their own premises plus 6 other units and are currently expanding their premises to increase their potential earnings and their overall business proposition moving forward. Not only have they been able to purchase the commercial property which they currently wanted, but with the increase in their rental income from the additional 6 units, they anticipate repaying the total loan within 5 years.

deVere Mortgages works with a vast number of UK-based and international mortgage lenders, thereby offering clients a wide range of suitable products to suit their individual requirements.  deVere Mortgages also provides buy-to-let opportunities, re-mortgaging and tax enhancement services from rental incomes.

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