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As part of deVere Group’s strategic plans to develop deVere United Kingdom’s already robust position throughout 2015 and beyond, and to further focus on dedicating additional resources to the UK market, I am excited to announce that I am now back in Britain.

With this in mind, throughout the year I will be mentoring an elite team of talented university graduates and trainees wishing to embark on a dynamic and rewarding career in the financial services sector. Using my knowledge and experience, I will go the extra mile to help them be the best they can be to thrive professionally and personally in this environment.

This select team of industry entrants will receive as much help and support as they require in order to hone their communication and client liaison skills, develop their industry know-how, push them towards qualification success, and become focused on achieving their goals, rising to every challenge they may face in such a fast-paced industry.

They will also, as all our people do, benefit from ongoing professional development within one of the world’s leading independent financial advisory organisations from senior managers including deVere United Kingdom’s Head of Financial Planning, Kevin White.

I am confident that all this will give them the edge at the start of their journey in the financial services sector.

As such, and as you can probably tell, I’m extremely eager to embark on this new challenge and use my in-depth knowledge and experience of the industry to help cultivate their careers.

I’ve been working in the financial services sector for 15 years, with major finance brands including Woolwich, Barclays and Prudential.  I’ve now been with the deVere Group for over 10 years – the first five years were based in the UAE, where I gained a wealth of international experience of the financial services industry, and the latter five I was heading up the Western European division.

Opportunities for university graduates and trainees to develop their careers within the UK’s number one independent financial advisory organisation rarely come along, so email me at to begin your journey to success.

I am delighted to now be back in the UK, a market which presents a substantial amount of potential for growth and development.

To apply to join deVere United Kingdom, click here.


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