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Colin joined the deVere Group in October 2010, rising quickly to his senior role in deVere Italy in July 2012.

To maintain its world leading status, deVere Group invests considerable time and energy in recognising and rewarding staff excellence – Colin’s rise through the senior ranks of deVere’s Western Europe division being a prime example.

Colin brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the financial markets that has garnered much favour with his growing client base.

His preferred method of working mirrors that of the deVere Group. By taking time with clients to understand their needs and then building bespoke investment and pension plans matched precisely to those needs, Colin is able to ensure long-term financial security for his clients well into retirement.

As he says: “I provide personalised and tailored financial advice for people living and working in Italy. I focus on providing a financial plan designed to meet future goals and aspirations and then help people achieve these with careful financial planning.”

Along the way Colin has received many testimonials for his hard work and insight with his advice and planning continuing to be heavily in demand. His time in the organisation in other parts of Europe was both happy and rewarding but the move to his position to run deVere Italy’s Milan office couldn’t have been better placed or timed.

Falling in love with the city and its people, Colin has found a second home from which he has consolidated his knowledge and working practises to become one of a respected member of the Group’s world-class team.

Away from work, Colin has a partner, Karen, based in the UK. They travel to meet on weekends and share his recreational interests of film and sport. Above all, he is passionate about cooking to which the Italian connection has brought an additional and flavoursome string to his culinary bow.