It never ceases to amaze me, the amount of people who view change as a threat, a negative, or indeed an excuse for giving in.  You won’t be surprised to learn how wrong they are, and here’s why.

Financial services is an industry of constant change whether it be the introduction of new taxes, more regulation, new or evolving product offerings – whatever. Change has and always will be with us. During every one of my 15 years within the sector I’ve experienced change and yet I’ve never earned less than the previous one.

That’s because I see change as an opportunity to become better, to be stronger, to be more successful.

deVere embraces change

The deVere Group embodies that same vision. The simple and positive philosophy that change brings opportunity that breeds success. And nowhere better is this exemplified than here in Western Europe division.

For example, in May 2008 the FSTE was at 6087 and over the next nine months fell by 42%. The naysayers and the dream stealers tried to convince anyone who would listen that the world was falling apart. It was against this backdrop of change that Nigel Green, our Chief Executive, saw and created an opportunity.

Whilst many business leaders looked inwards, he looked far into the distance.

Since that time our company has grown by well over 130%. We are today a no debt, well capitalised, extremely dynamic, first-in-the-field company. At the Western Europe division alone since May 2008 we have increased our business by 728%.

Have European operating conditions become tougher over the last five years? Yes. But because we exploit change for its opportunity we’re now stronger than ever.

The financial services sector is not a fashion, it’s an industry; an industry of change. For those who don’t like change then it’s not the right industry for them.

For each and every one of us at deVere, change is an ever-present challenge, but it’s a challenge that brings with it opportunity in abundance. We embrace it, we use it, we turn it to our advantage. And that’s what has helped make us the world’s leading independent financial consultancy.

So, here’s to change – because for those of us who are willing to embrace the opportunity it offers the good times are ours for the taking.

Or, as Jim Rohn, the hugely successful self-made American businessman, once said: “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”