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A recent study of a significant number of business leaders addressed what makes an employee stand out.

I can confirm that it wasn’t how late somebody stayed, or how many qualifications one holds, or even their skill set… it all comes down to PERSONALITY.

Personality includes different areas such as, drive, mentality, standards, etc.

I have enclosed the main signs that an employee is truly exceptional:

  1. They do not limit themselves to their “Job Description”.

You will never hear an exceptional employee state “It’s not in my job description”.

With smaller companies it is important that employees can adapt quickly, think on their feet and most importantly, take responsibility to get things done.

If something important comes up, they know how to prioritise and will naturally, without being told, jump onto whatever is required to get what’s needed, done, even if it isn’t “in their job description”.

  1. They’re out of the ordinary…

The “exceptional” employees never tend to be like the rest. They have different styles, different mentalities etc. They often seem fairly “odd” to other employees, however they have a tendency to make their areas of work more fun and interesting.

Those that do not mind being “out of the ordinary” naturally think outside of the box, are never found in their comfort zones and are constantly pushing boundaries, whether this be individually or with their teams.

  1. Never over-promise and under-deliver

They send the email they said they would send, they follow up with the client they said they would, and they’ll show up when they said they would.

You will never be over-promised and under-delivered by an exceptional employee. They will go to whatever length they need to ensure targets are hit, deadlines are met, etc.

This isn’t always for the employer or teams satisfaction, but is more often than not for their own satisfaction.

  1. You don’t build a business, you build people, or at least exceptional employees do…

Praise, praise, praise!! … That one word that EVERYBODY wants to hear, feel or see!

An exceptional employee will always praise and recognise great work, support and efforts. This will be in both private and public. They are great character builders, and when praise is given from a peer, it feels that bit better as it most often comes from that one person you look up to.

  1. Getting our point across…

In an office setting, getting our point across or making a proposal can be incredibly difficult, especially if there are a number of people in the room. These can be difficult due to the need to be polite and the need for cohesiveness among team members, advancing your own point of view can sometimes turn turmoil-ridden quickly. Exceptional employees know this and have mastered the art of getting their way without strife or feeling the need to belittle anyone.

  1. Disagreement

We all disagree on projects, timelines, standards, etc. however more often than not, some disagreements are best handled in private.

Some people cannot tell whether the subject is an open discussion or a sensitive matter, and that’s why exceptional employees will discuss their views either before or after the meeting.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with an “around the table” debate, where each person can openly express their thoughts, it is vital within every company, that if a sensitive disagreement arises it is taken into a private conversation to avoid any heated conversations, or hurting anyone’s feelings.

  1. Turning the “impossible” into “possible”

There is nothing more satisfying in life, than the moment you achieve something that somebody once said you never would.

For all of the “you cants, you wonts, it’s impossible” … every exceptional employee will make it their personal mission to PROVE YOU WRONG, and this then becomes their source of motivation.

Some may not have the qualifications, or the previous experience or may not have ever led a team before, but that doesn’t mean they can’t… Education, skill-set and talent are very important, but remember it’s the personality that defines whether this is achieved or not.

  1. Self-development

I cannot stress how important self-development is, whether this is industry examinations, learning and development programmes, or even speaking up and asking questions.

Most employees find asking questions in meetings daunting, or even speaking!

And that is the simple difference between an exceptional employee and an employee; exceptional employees will ask all questions necessary until they fully understand.

Successful people always ask questions, seek a new “teacher”, so that they are always learning and becoming better.

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