"I have been working for Mike for three years now, having initially worked in Basel in Switzerland before moving to the London office. As I had family still in the UK, Mike Coady, the Regional Director, let me move to the UK because of my qualifications and experience. Once our youngsters are grown up then working overseas again would definitely be on my agenda. I would not say it is easy, however you are directly rewarded for the hard work you put in. The potential rewards are unlimited. I have worked with very high net worth clients since I joined. These are the sort of clients most IFAs only dream of having. Some of these clients are Chief Executive Officers of major companies, some are high up in oil companies and some are top executives. One of the most positive things about working for this company is that the company never stands still. It is constantly evolving and improving. This is something I strongly approve of as they are always ahead of the competition. Also it adds some spice to life and means in never gets boring. My main success has been involved in the Expats mortgage department. I help overseas advisers and place mortgages for their clients overseas and in the UK. This is just one of the fantastic value added services that we offer to our clients. In the UK we are having constant training on knowledge, service, sales and how to achieve more. We have at least one whole day's training a month on top of this in different areas. The management ethos here of the UK Manager and from the Regional Director is the best management I have ever had. Normally as an IFA in the UK it is normal to be left to fend for yourself. However the training we get in the UK is second to none. Mike Coady, The regional director shares his immense sales experience with us in our monthly meetings. . Once a year we have a sales conference and get to share our experience with some of the top guys in the company. This is where we try and learn some of their secrets. The Western Europe conference last year was in Marbella and is the best sales conference I have been to and I have been in this industry for seventeen years. I want to help grow the mortgage department even more in the UK. As the company is mainly overseas and the company based in the UK is still fairly small currently, I am looking forward to help grow the UK into a household name in the UK. All I can say is, ‘watch this space’. Thank you Mike for this opportunity!"
Rob Fisher, Independent Financial Adviser - All Saints Financial

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    The Person Behind the Brand

    Mike’s track record and accomplishments merit their own space. But the man behind the brand is an approachable people’s person and family man.

    Mike was born in Shrewsbury to a dad with a busy career in oil and gas. He attended boarding school in the UK before gaining a taste of the wider world thanks to his father’s overseas job postings. As a child, he lived in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Jeddah, Doha and Thailand among a string of other destinations – giving him a particularly broad and well-rounded worldview.

    He later found himself back in the UK, where he attended Royal Shrewsbury School. Mike’s business acumen was obvious from his school days – where business studies particularly fascinated him. It’s almost cliché, but Monopoly is still his favorite board game – because he says it plays to his two key strengths: strategising and wealth management.

    Mike studied at Birmingham University –Manufacturing Engineering and Business Studies.

    When taking a few minutes away from a hectic career creating customer-centric success stories, he prefers somewhat more relaxing activities – such as spending time being active and working on his personal development. He likes travelling and is ready to head out to new adventures at the drop of a hat.

    The Now

    Seventeen years ago, he happily returned to the Emirate of Dubai and then returned to the UK in 2015. Back in 2017, Mike returned to Dubai and is now living the Expat life once more.

    Mike is forever looking forward to new and exciting opportunities that lay ahead.

    Family Values

    Mike’s father’s senior roles within the oil and gas industry had a lasting influence on him and foreshadowed his future. Fourteen years ago he happily returned to the Emirate of Dubai with his family and then returned to the UK in 2015. Back in 2017, Mike returned to Dubai and is now living the Expat life once more.

    Mike is forever looking forward to new and exciting opportunities that lay ahead.