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Success knows no bounds for deVere United Kingdom’s Lee Grimshaw

Mike CoadyIndustry News Success knows no bounds for deVere United Kingdom’s Lee Grimshaw

Success knows no bounds for deVere United Kingdom’s Lee Grimshaw

I’m thrilled to announce that Lee Grimshaw, Senior Paraplanner at deVere United Kingdom, has recently passed an exam in ‘Discretionary Investment Management’.  By adding this qualification to his already impressive CV, Lee is now able to apply for Fellowship of the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Becoming a Fellow of the CII, the world’s leading professional organisation for insurance and financial services, is one of the highest accolades within the industry.  It not only shows the utmost dedication to your career, but Fellowship also highlights you have ‘gone the extra mile’ in committing to the profession.  It is a symbol of great drive and success.

I am incredibly proud of all Lee has achieved so far in his career.  He joined deVere United Kingdom in 2012 as a Senior Paraplanner, and as well as being short-listed for ‘Paraplanner of the Year’ in the 2014 Professional Adviser Awards, he is now a Chartered Paraplanner, which has taken a lot of hard work, study and dedication.

Before he came to deVere, Lee gained a wealth of experience in an adviser support role with high net worth clients, and alongside successful IFA’s, before deciding to focus on becoming Chartered and registered to give financial advice, all before the age of 30.

I have no doubt that Lee will continue to build on his incredible success.  His enthusiasm for his profession is infectious.  The only way is up for Mr Grimshaw. Right to the top.

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