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Simon Chrystal, Managing Director of Workplace Solutions, a subsidiary of deVere Group, will be a guest speaker at the 4th Conference on Incentive Exercises and DB Member Options: DB to DC Transfers.

The delegates will explore the effects and impact of the start of the much-lauded pension freedoms, which led to a rise in DB transfer enquiries, particularly from individuals approaching retirement.

Simon will focus upon the need for the industry to properly engage with individuals, many of whom need to make less money last longer, by delivering high quality financial advice which is truly focused on customers’ objectives, needs and wants and not on outdated financial frameworks or product led initiatives and solutions which, if used out of context, may deliver unsuitable outcomes, further eroding trust in the sector.

He will warn that the industry is disconnected from the aspirations of individuals, and at risk of becoming irrelevant at the very point in time it’s knowledge and skills are desperately needed, not by employers and trustees, but by members of pension schemes directly.

Of course, this presents key opportunities, but at the same time there are challenges and obstacles to overcome, to make sure that the market progresses positively for members, schemes and the pensions industry as a whole.

The 2016 conference will cover the following topics:

  • The evolving regulatory landscape including the impact of CP15/30 and PS16/12.
  • The Financial Ombudsman Service’s position and observations on pension transfers.
  • The Incentive Exercises Monitoring Board’s updates to the Code of Good Practice.
  • Partial transfers, new solutions and new entrants.
  •     Is Transfer Value Analysis fit for purpose for the age of pension freedoms.
  • Transacting with insistent clients
  • Product innovation and the risks to product providers.

The DB to DC Transfers Conference is taking place on Wednesday 15th June at the London Marriott in Canary Wharf, London.