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Global financial advisory and wealth management firm, swissglobal, has today launched its new “concierge by swissglobal” service proposition to offer all clients a tailored approach to financial services optimisation.

swissglobal will take a hyper-personalised consultative approach to on-going financial and long term wealth management delivery to their clients, built around their individual requirements. It is a move away from standard investment propositions that no longer stand out in the market place.

“We’re delighted to be launching ‘concierge by swissglobal’ in direct response to what our clients truly seek in trusted financial relationships. At swissglobal, we’re determined to move away from the one size fits all approach. We want to deliver value to our clients and ensure they get the outcomes they deserve.” said swissglobal’s CEO, Mike Coady.

concierge by swissglobal responds to market research that shows broad convergence in the financial products and funds being made available by advisers, irrespective of individual circumstances and needs.

“We want to be product-agnostic, completely independent, and bring the industry back to where our clients are at the very center of every financial success story,” added Coady.

Our enhancement in technology and client portals allows our clients to take complete view of their overall net worth.

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About swissglobal

swissglobal is an international financial services and solutions provider headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with offices in Zurich, Basel and Dubai.

We’re a wealth management firm that believes in changing how business is done, and making exceptional standards the norm industry-wide.

We’re global – with a strong presence in Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and an eye on exciting markets throughout the Middle East, Europe and Far East Asia. We’re independent – which means that we give you objective advice.

We’re all about you – your goals, your story and your objectives. We bring you an extraordinary portfolio of financial expertise to manage your financial goals while you focus on making the most of life.

Who are we? We’re swissglobal. And we’re on your side.

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