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Retiring in Spain has long been a popular overseas location amongst British expats and it’s easy to see why.

Further to my recent blog around retiring in France, I have now explored and enclosed my top 10 tips for retiring in Spain. 

Thousands of expatriates make the decision to move to Spain every year. Whether it be for retirement, a healthier lifestyle, or to enjoy the more laidback, family-orientated, ‘outdoorsy’ lifestyle, Spain has been a great attraction for Brits leaving the UK since the initial tourism boom of the 1960s.

The warm climate, the beaches, the convenient access to the UK and throughout Europe, the world-class infrastructure,  the high standard of living, the relatively inexpensive lifestyle, the large and vibrant expat communities, the golf and other leisure facilities, the historical cities, the metropolitan areas, and the traditional white villages, are just some of many major pull factors for retirees considering setting up home in Spain.

Below are 10 reasons why retiring in Spain should be on your retirement to-do list.


If you ask retirees why they chose Spain, the weather will likely be one of the first things mentioned. Spain is famous for having sun nearly year-round, especially in the areas along the Mediterranean coast. Although the country can get very hot in late summer, you’ll enjoy warm, sunny days, little-to-no rain, and no cold weather.

Health care

Spain is consistently rated as having one of the best healthcare systems in Europe. Many hospitals are modern and have up-to-date technology. Also, you’ll find that prices compare very favourably to those found in the UK and the United States. Also, you’ll be able to buy a robust private policy at just a fraction of the price you would pay in other countries.

Low cost of living

It depends on where you live, but many retirees report that they are able to live comfortably on a relatively low budget. This is especially true if you live in some of the more secluded seaside villages, like Fuengirola or Torrox.

Easy access to transportation

Although many people in Spain do own cars, it’s not a requirement. Public bus transportation is very easy to find and extremely cheap to use. Also, you can travel throughout Europe and back to the UK very easily. Travel by train or air. Or you can also drive your car and take a ferry from the north coast.

Spanish people

For many retirees from the UK and other countries, the people of Spain present a nice change of pace. Known for the friendly and laid-back attitudes, the Spanish people are very welcoming of new residents. It won’t take you long at all to meet new friends.

A relaxed way of life

When you live in a constantly sunny locale on the beach, it’s hard not to be relaxed. However, Spain has taken it to another level with afternoon siestas and cocktails at lunch. You’ll find that you and your new neighbours live a mostly stress-free, relaxed existence.

Access to beaches

Spain has more than 5,000 miles of coastline, most of which is beach access. The two most popular beach areas are Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. However, you can find the perfect beach spot for yourself by taking a drive up and down the coast. Whether you want a crowded party atmosphere or a secluded, quiet spot, Spain has a beach for you.

Real estate investment

Spanish real estate was hit especially hard by the global real estate crash some years back. The good news is that real estate prices are still recovering. That means you can likely find a sizeable house or condo in an attractive location for a very affordable price. As the market continues to recover, you can expect to see potential upside growth in your new home’s value.

Easy financial transition

It’s not difficult at all to make the transition to Spain from a financial aspect. Spain is a member of the EU, so you’ll be able to use euros. Also, if you receive a UK state or private pension, you can have it directly deposited into a Spanish bank account.

Attractions and recreation

There’s never a lack of activity in Spain. Explore the great cities of Barcelona and Madrid. Enjoy fishing, golfing, and other warm-weather activity. Visit one of the many festivals that Spanish towns hold on a regular basis. Or simply lie on the beach and relax. The choice is yours!

Retiring in Spain is popular for good reason. Take a trip to Spain to check it out. You’ll likely agree that it makes an idyllic retirement location.

Seeking advice from an independent financial adviser will ensure your relocation is as stress-free as possible, so you can enjoy your retirement in your new home knowing your finances are under control.

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