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Darren Jones, the former head of international technical sales at Old Mutual International (OMI), has joined Guardian Wealth Management’s senior management team as technical and training director.

This follows the announcement earlier on Wednesday at Guardian Wealth Management’s annual general meeting that former managing director of deVere UK Coady has become chief commercial officer ‘with immediate effect’.

Gavin Pluck, GWM group managing director, said: “We have worked closely with Darren as a provider over the last 12 years and have always held him in the highest esteem. His technical knowledge within our industry is second to none. He will be huge asset and paramount to our ongoing plans in such a changing financial landscape.”

Peter Kenny, managing director of Old Mutual International (OMI), said: “We thank Darren Jones for his significant contribution to Old Mutual International. We wish him every success and we look forward to continuing to work with him in his new role with Guardian Wealth Management.”

Jones added: “I’ve had 14 fabulous years with the business. The decision to move on hasn’t been an easy one and I’m pleased to be joining a collaborative organisation where I will continue to do business with Old Mutual International and have the opportunity to maintain a strong working relationship with many Old Mutual colleagues.”