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GWM has announced the launch of its new automated model portfolio designer that is to be implemented in its offices worldwide.

It has been developed and tested over the last few months by GWM’s technical team, who worked alongside the Compliance, Legal and Customer Service departments.

Combining high performance, innovation and efficiency, the bespoke model portfolio designer is positioned to be a game-changer in today’s sophisticated financial market.

Mike Coady, Chief Commercial Officer at Guardian Wealth Management, comments: “After extensive market research, it was concluded that it wouldn’t be possible to buy an off-the-shelf system that would be sufficiently adaptable for the requirements of our evolving business model, whilst simultaneously reflecting global industry and regulatory developments. Consequently, we  invested the necessary time and efforts to develop our own.”

The new model portfolio designer enables expertise from the Chief Investment Officer’s desk to be accessible company-wide. The system produces individually tailored portfolio modelling advice for each of the organisation’s new and existing clients. Each investment is meticulously evaluated keeping in mind the risk preferences of the user along with a consideration for the relevant jurisdiction.

Coady adds: “The intelligent new model portfolio designer e-tool is, in our opinion, revolutionary and it’s significantly ahead of anything else that is typically available in the international market.”

“We’re confident that it will help our financial advisers to clearly document and concisely demonstrate why a recommendation they have made is suitable for a client and is how it is tailored to meet the client’s financial objectives.  It will provide clarity, peace of mind and protection to our clients; and we believe it will help drive the standards of international financial advice to a higher level.

Having worked in the financial services industry for over 16 years, I have viewed many modelling technologies and this technology generates one of the best examples I have seen to date.  I would be proud to issue a report to any of my clients using this system.”

He concludes: “This significant IT upgrade aptly illustrates how the GWM Group listens and responds to the needs of its clients and advisers, and uses its resources to innovate and set new benchmarks for the international financial advisory sector.”