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Guardian Wealth Management have today further transformed their ability to communicate by placing GWM firmly in the palm of their clients hands.

The newly launched Guardian Wealth Management App provides clients with easy access to key and live financial information, and is also loaded with a host of cutting edge tools such as Receipt Manager, Currency Convertor, Mileage Tracker and many more to help the everyday needs of expatriates and those that are internationally mobile.

The receipt management feature allows clients to take a photo of a receipt, categorise and save it, to later be incorporated into their accounts. No more loose receipts!

Similarly, clients will be able to enjoy immediate access to up-to-the-minute business and accountancy data, pension and tax tables, important financial dates and quick access to our personalised, private and secure message centre.

Furthermore, and most importantly, our App allows our clients to keep in touch instantly with their dedicated adviser and support team, obtain investment updates and latest market news released by Guardian Wealth Management, all at the touch of a button. GWM believe the use of push notifications will also significantly enhance the level of on-going communication.

Mike Coady, Chief Commercial Officer at the GWM Group states: “GWM are extremely excited to announce the launch of the GWM Group App, and strongly believe that this is a further fundamental facility that brings our relationship with our clients even closer, wherever they are in the world.  As a group, we are embracing a period of significant development across the business and whilst many in the industry are not at their peak in August we feel that we are able to announce a number of exciting new opportunities for the business and our clients over the next 4 weeks, positioning both our advisers and their clients to enjoy an exceptionally strong end to the year.”

The GWM Group App also provides live access to the GWM Investor Portal providing all clients’ investments in one place.

GWM can now provide our clients 24/7 access to view all their assets across all accounts and in multiple currencies (GBP, USD, AUD and EUR), including non-managed assets like property and art.  GWM provide our clients with access to historical performance, portfolio valuations and the ability to drill down into your holdings.

The GWM Group App will also provide our clients with access to the newly launched GWM brands, such as GWM FX, GWM Property, GWM Global Partners, GWM Corporate Solutions, GWM UK.

A recent study found the average user picks up their mobile phone 85 times a day making this a powerful tool to use when meeting with new prospects. Encouraging them to download the app prior to a meeting provides instant credibility and demonstrates how GWM embrace and utilise cutting edge technology to provide a market leading service.

To download the GWM Group App from iTunes, click here or on your Android device, click here