The need for expert financial advice is now perhaps more important than ever, and one of the ways deVere Spain reaches out to existing and potential clients in its marketplace is by hosting informative seminars.

I’m excited to confirm that deVere Spain is hosting a total of 17 seminars all over the country throughout February.  These seminars address the major topical financial issues for Spain-based expats and international investors, with the experienced wealth management professionals at deVere Spain, as well as invited guest speakers, also answering attendees’ questions and offering key solutions and advice.

Key topics

Senior financial advisers from deVere Spain will offer a detailed understanding of the ‘Ley 7/2012’ introduced in 2012, requiring residents to declare their overseas assets exceeding 50,000 euros.  Guests’ questions and concerns will be answered, and solutions and advice offered to best suit clients’ financial objectives.

The ‘Modelo 720 and Inheritance Tax’ seminar will address the recently introduced tax obligation for residents.  The government introduced this measure last year, and as anticipated, it raised many questions from expats throughout the country.  deVere Spain’s professionals will talk about the action to take in order to best protect clients’ wealth, and the opportunities available to expats living away from ‘home’.

Getting underway on 4th February, the seminars are taking place all over Spain, in locations such as Almería, Gran Canaria, Madrid, Marbella, Palma and Tenerife, amongst others.

Reserve your place

Interest surrounding these informative seminars continues to increase, so early booking is highly recommended.  In 2012, over 10,000 people attended a deVere seminar at one of the numerous global locations, and as a result, a 25 per cent increase in seminars was announced last year – and that impressive figure looks set to grow even more in 2014.

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