deVere Group sponsorship beneficiaries, the British Rugby Football Club of Paris (BRFC), achieved another win last weekend, allowing the expat lads to hold onto their unbeaten record this season.  In fact, the team hasn’t lost a single league game since they became sponsored by the deVere Group.

Saturday’s victory also means the BRFC will be promoted to the next division, which is truly well-deserved considering the fantastic season they’ve had so far this year.  If this winning streak continues and the club moves up two more leagues, the BRFC will accomplish semi-professional status.

The ongoing success of the British Rugby Football Club of Paris, made up of a group of expats working as hard as they can to achieve their goals, represents a harmonious link with the deVere Group, a firm that works to help over 70,000 expats all over the world to meet their financial objectives.

The deVere Group is extremely honoured to be associated with the BRFC, and we all wish them great success for the remainder of the season and in the next division.

The British Rugby Football Club of Paris

The BRFC was formed in 1923 by a group of British expats and has been continually active since then, except for a few years during the Second World War.  When the war ended, however, the Club soon started again and has won top honours numerous times within the Corporate League in the Ile de France section of the Federation Francaise de Rugby.

The Club, which has a busy tour schedule each year and has previously visited Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid and Cardiff amongst other cities, has a growing fan base and a thriving membership.  Contrary to what the name might suggest, not all members are British-born, with the BRFC symbolising the entire vibrant expat community in the French capital.  Indeed, there are even some French players in the squad who prefer the international edge that the BRFC boasts.