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deVere United Kingdom is taking on another six apprentices throughout 2016, to ensure a diverse stream of talent into the organisation as demand for specialist financial advice continues to soar.

Without doubt, the best way to secure our success in future years is to extract potential from a wide, varied talent pool, which is where the deVere apprenticeship programme comes in.

The programme links employment and training, which allows the apprentices to develop the necessary technical knowledge, learn key employment skills and show their ability in the working world.  They will also study towards professional industry qualifications within the programme.

As I was quoted as saying recently in Wealth Adviser, Global Banking and Finance Review and Financial Planning Today, amongst a host of other media, apprenticeships are a major component of deVere’s initiative to attract new talent, and inspire individuals who have perhaps not previously considered a career in the financial services industry.

As such, the programme provides an entry point into the sector, allowing the apprentices to gain essential experience and knowledge in order to enjoy an incredibly fulfilling career.

They will have the chance to advance their skillset – specifically tailored to the finance industry – and find out what it’s like to work in the world of international financial services.

The experience gained from working within the industry whilst studying provides a framework for learning, allowing apprentices to direct their ambition and motivation in order to succeed.

Whilst in the programme, apprentices will receive a competitive salary and first class support from mentors, managers and consultants so as to nurture their abilities and talents, whilst simultaneously developing their job skills.

As I mentioned earlier, demand for independent financial advice continues to increase due to factors including the landmark pension reforms; increased financial education in workplaces; the fact that individuals are now more financially savvy; and an increasing number of British expats returning to the UK.

Therefore, deVere will be signing up more apprentices than ever in 2016, and are looking forward to offering the new apprentices who join the programme the chance to convert their potential into a long-term, highly rewarding career.