Many potential investors wish to utilise some of the best fund managers and funds available that the world offers but some are of the opinion that only those in finance, work within the stock markets or the ultra-high net worth can gain access to what can be perceived as a private club.

The deVere Group has developed what has grown to be one of most widely globally recognised online fund platforms which provides our investors with the mechanism to invest both easily and further diversify  any investment portfolio.  Covering 50 global markets with access to over 200 investment houses and a staggering 5000 funds, the deVere Fund Platform allows you to make real-time trades 24 hours a day, wherever you may be at the click of a button.

Fund data and factsheets are provided by Morningstar, an independent investment research provider, to enable you to understand and decide where is best for you to invest. An incredibly simple process which also provides real time valuations to investors so they can keep track of their online portfolio coupled with alerts to prompt you to sell and buy.

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