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It’s surprising how many people live their lives living in the same house, doing the same job, taking the same route home each evening… its human nature, it’s what we know… its routine!

This blog focuses on your professional life, and we will highlight the main reasons people often stay in their jobs, even if they are unhappy.

It’s the beginning of 2018, and the majority of us would have already planned our new year’s resolutions such as, quit smoking, go to the gym, lose 5kgs, save money, etc. however people tend to forget to plan around their careers and making any changes to it. And this again comes down to “it’s what we know”.

Have you ever asked yourself, “does this job/career get the best of me?”, “Do I still enjoy this job/career as much as I did when I started?”… Some people do, and the majority tend to “stick at it” year after year as it “pays the bills”, right?

I know for sure majority of people snooze their alarms in the morning until the point where they have to rush, otherwise they’ll be late. I will even take it to the extreme of waking up one morning and not wanting to go into work, or going into work and having a raging row with their boss over the most smallest of things, just because they have had ENOUGH.

Stop and ask yourself the question… Do you really want to go another 12 months doing what you’re doing? If the answer is no, then get up, get out there and don’t stop until you’ve found something that professionally fulfils you!

Nobody likes to job search, or do interviews for that matter, but we all need to progress in life, to become the person we should be.

Before you ask yourself these questions, get rid of the following “excuses” that you will have in your minds right now.

  1. It pays the bills – You weren’t born to just pay bills were you? Will you reach retirement and look back and say “I’m glad I paid all of those bills”? NO.
  1. It’s what I know – You didn’t know if before you started did you? So go and learn something new.
  1. My colleagues are friendly – Yes, that’s great, so go and meet new people and keep in touch with your old colleagues! Find a career that will pay bills and allow you to socialise.
  1. Grass isn’t always greener – I couldn’t agree more, but you have got to take the risk.
  1. I wouldn’t know where to start job searching – Social media is key nowadays… Get on LinkedIn and look around, touch base with contacts – something will come up if you put the effort in.
  1. I don’ like interviews – I think it’s safe to say that not many people do, however you most likely had to do one to get where you are now, right?
  1. I guess it isn’t THAT bad here – That’s a subconscious lie… if it wasn’t that bad, you would never have thought of leaving in the first place!
  1. I am too old to learn – Another bad excuse. Nobody’s ever too old to learn, you just have to be open-minded, and ask the right questions.

I am being serious, when you are in a job where you do not feel inspired, or valued it eats away at your health, it affects your personal life at home and with friends, and most of all your efforts. The day you loved your job, you weren’t sat clock watching, you didn’t start counting down the minutes for the clock to read 17:00, were you?

Majority of people spend more than 50% of their time at work… do you really want to waste that immensely valuable time working for a company you disagree with? Or for somebody that does not inspire you? Or doing a dead-end job because it pays the bills?

Step out of your comfort zone, and stop doing what you’ve always done – today.

The 2 biggest areas that I believe that will help you with this transition are:

  • Networking – Get out and speak with people.
  • LinkedIn – Use this amazing tool. Look at jobs out there, use your contacts for ideas or updates.

Make 2018 the year you change everything, and become the exceptional employee you know you can be.

For more information on being the exceptional employee, I would recommend you read my recent blog “How to understand what is an exceptional employee“.

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