Renowned throughout the industry for his Midas touch as leader, motivator and business generator, Mike, this year successfully achieved Chartered Status for deVere United Kingdom as well as Highly Commended IFA of the Year.  On a personal level, Mike also achieved his Fellow status with the Institute of Director’s (FloD).

Recent career

Following an illustrious, big brand career in the financial services sector, Mike served deVere for 12 years, spending five years in the Middle East, then five years building deVere in Western Europe, and up until recently, the last 18 months Mike had spent developing deVere United Kingdom, deVere Mortgages & Workplace Solutions.

During that time, Mike has been instrumental in the company’s transformation into one of the world’s leading independent financial consultancies – with over 80,000 clients in more than 100 countries and in excess of $10 billion under advice and management.

Driven to win

Mike is renowned amongst colleagues for his energy, hard work and dedication.

With his parents living and working overseas, Mike was educated in boarding schools but regularly visited them as they moved between such places as Dubai, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Sharjah.

It was this experience of expat life that inevitably led to him working offshore. He not only understands the expat way of life – he has always lived it.

Family values

Mike’s father’s senior roles within the oil and gas industry had a lasting influence on him and foreshadowed his future. Ten years ago he happily returned to the Emirate of Dubai with his family when joining deVere and now, as if completing a full life circle, Mike is delighted he, his wife and children are back on UK shores.

And in the UK, Mike is now looking forward to new and exciting opportunities that lay ahead whilst providing his children a wonderful childhood and the highest quality education.