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Expats living in the UAE don’t benefit from a state pension when they stop working, instead simply receiving gratuities from their employer – which usually aren’t enough to sustain a happy and fulfilling retirement. To help you prepare for retirement the right way, Mike Coady can provide thorough, tailored expat pension advice.


What can Expat Pension Advice do for me?

Mike Coady is an award-winning provider of wealth management advice in Dubai, with over 25 years’ experience serving a range of clients both in the UK and the UAE. An expat expert who lives in the emirate himself, Mike is intimately familiar with the ins and outs of expat pensions, and is here to offer tailored advice – not a ‘one size fits all’ plan.

From selecting a tax efficient pension plan to helping you invest wisely in the run-up to your retirement, Mike’s trusted advice can help you live out your retirement the way you’ve always wanted to. Book a Discovery Meeting with him today to get started.

What is a QROPS Pension?

QROPS stands for Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme. QROPS pensions are foreign schemes specifically designed for expats which meet requirements set out by HMRC. If you already have a UK pension, you can transfer the funds within it to a QROPS pension, allowing you to pick up where you left off once you land in Dubai.

As well as helping you select a tax-efficient QROPS scheme, Mike can ensure that your pension is protected by a ‘double taxation treaty,’ allowing you to relax and enjoy your retirement when the day comes.

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Helping you towards your goals

Corporate Investment Advice

Private Wealth Management

Implementing a strategy for your personal finances is key to your financial success. This is an entire journey and doesn’t just cover one area, so having an expert by your side is essential to ensure you are doing the right thing at the right time and without the worry or stress of having to manage this yourself. Private wealth management can keep your finances healthy, accountable and working to your best interests.

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Corporate Wealth Management

From advising on the protection of your shareholders and employees to ensuring you’re investing money appropriately, whether that is working capital or future gratuity funds. Corporate wealth management is important to protect the financial interests of your business and offers a strong foundation to help you grow and develop, as a responsible and maturing business.

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International Wealth Management

During your expat journey you will find there are three phases, all of which require specialist expert help. Whether you are at the beginning of your expat journey, enjoying the expat life or preparing to head back home, you will benefit from the guidance of a financial expert to ensure you are fully prepared to maximise your time overseas.


Who is Mike’s Expat Pension Advice Suitable for?

Whatever your age, it’s never too early to prepare for retirement. If you’re living in Dubai or the UAE as a whole, Mike Coady’s tailored expat pension advice can help you make the most of your retirement in the Emirates.

So, whether you’re nearing retirement and want some advice or simply want to prepare in advance by choosing a suitable pension plan, contact Mike today.

Why Choose Mike Coady?

  • Industry leader in the financial sector and expat expert in Dubai
  • Award-winning money coach
  • Qualified to UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) standards
  • Member of the Chartered Insurance Institute
  • 25-year track record of success in the financial services sector
  • Over 100 5-star client reviews
  • Featured as a highly qualified Financial Adviser
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What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

My experience with Mike is excellent. When you invest, first thing you look for is trust. Second thing is good advice. I can say it took very little to build that trust with Mike, and his advice is always full of common sense, looking for diversification and a level of risk that adjusts to my profile. Worth to mention is his constant search for new ideas and different approaches in order to…
Mike engages extensively with me to understand my investment objectives and my investment risk appetite to structure my investment portfolio. My experience of dealing with Mike has been excellent with on-going engagement from Mike for investment updates and indeed to understand if there are any changes in life that need to be considered from an investment and…
I find Mike extremely easy to talk to, someone, who delivers on his promises and makes sure that effective communication is at the heart of our relationship. As a result of his advice, my portfolio is on track. I have already shared Mike’s details with several of my friends who have all equally found his advice & guidance invaluable. Mike is supported by a great team who…

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    What is a Discovery Meeting?

    Discovery Meetings are initial introductory consultations, giving you the opportunity to meet Mike and begin discussing your goals with him. You’ll have 30 minutes to ask any questions you have about the service and get to know Mike.

    Will I lose my state pension if I move abroad?

    If you move abroad permanently, you’ll no longer receive pension credit. Plus, because you won’t receive a UAE state pension, it’s well worth seeking the advice of a financial professional and enrolling in a new pension plan.

    What happens to a QROPS pension if I move back to the UK?

    A QROPS pension can be left alone and still be drawn if you move back to the UK, but many instead opt to transfer it to a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension). SIPPs can be more cost efficient; Mike can help facilitate the transfer from a QROPS pension to a SIPP.

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