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Looking to invest in a buy-to-let property back home in the UK? You’ll most probably need a mortgage in order to do so – and as an expat, a straightforward buy-to-let product is out of the question. Fortunately, with over 25 years of financial industry experience, Mike Coady can help by tracking down a specialist expat mortgage at an affordable rate.


How can expat mortgage advice benefit me?

A buy-to-let property is a significant investment for anyone, whether it’s your first time as a landlord or you already have an established portfolio. Shopping around different specialist brokers to search for the best deal can be incredibly time consuming and, unless you’re highly experienced yourself, it can be tough to work out which deal to choose. The cheapest mortgage isn’t always the best-suited to your needs.

That’s where Mike Coady can help. An award-winning expat expert based in Dubai, Mike has served his clients for over two decades, and has the knowledge and experience to help you select a deal that suits your requirements. His advice can not only help you save money and maximise the potential of your investment, but save you a great deal of time and hassle as well.

Who are Mike’s expat mortgage advice services for?

This service is suitable for any expat living in the UAE who is looking to purchase a property back home in the UK. Most often, this is for investment purposes – purchasing a buy-to-let property can be a highly successful investment.

There are other reasons for expat mortgages, however. If you’re expecting to return home to the UK and repatriate, Mike can help you secure a property in the UK in readiness for your return. Likewise, if you’re planning to retire and want somewhere to stay while you’re visiting family and friends in the UK, an expat mortgage can help you get exactly that.

Mike has written a range of FREE guides to advise on a variety of topics


Property Advice

Estate Planning

UK Real Estate

Looking for advice on which buy-to-let property to purchase to maximise the return on your investment? With many years of experience serving British expats, Mike knows the property market inside out.

International Mortgages

If you’re planning to emigrate to the UAE or have already done so and want to relocate, Mike can track down an outstanding mortgage deal to help you secure your dream home.

A Company Carrying Out Property Services

Property Services

From overseeing legal duties to finding tenants and managing the property once it’s occupied, our property services can take care of everything you need as an expat investing in UK property.

Why Choose Mike Coady?

Industry leader in the financial sector and expat expert in Dubai

Why Choose Mike Coady?

  • Award-winning money coach
  • Qualified to UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) standards
  • Member of the Chartered Insurance Institute
  • 25-year track record of success in the financial services sector
  • Over 100 5-star client reviews

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

My experience with Mike is excellent. When you invest, first thing you look for is trust. Second thing is good advice. I can say it took very little to build that trust with Mike, and his advice is always full of common sense, looking for diversification and a level of risk that adjusts to my profile. Worth to mention is his constant search for new ideas and different approaches in order to...
Mike engages extensively with me to understand my investment objectives and my investment risk appetite to structure my investment portfolio. My experience of dealing with Mike has been excellent with on-going engagement from Mike for investment updates and indeed to understand if there are any changes in life that need to be considered from an investment and assurance perspective. Mike’s support team are also excellent to deal with and handle all the...
I find Mike extremely easy to talk to, someone, who delivers on his promises and makes sure that effective communication is at the heart of our relationship. As a result of his advice, my portfolio is on track. I have already shared Mike’s details with several of my friends who have all equally found his advice & guidance invaluable. Mike is supported by a great team who always make sure that I...

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    How does an expat mortgage differ from an overseas mortgage?

    Expat mortgages are suitable for expats looking to purchase property back home in their native country, whereas overseas mortgages are for expats looking to purchase a property abroad.

    Do I need to speak to an expat mortgage broker?

    Although it’s not essential – you could go directly to specialist mortgage companies – it’s much easier to find and identify the most suitable deal with the help and advice of an expert.

    What can I expect from the Discovery Meeting?

    Discovery Meetings are informal, 30-minute calls with Mike. They give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and for Mike to do the same, building up a picture of your requirements and how he may be able to help you.

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