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Mike is an award winning financial expert and a well-known leader in the financial industry. Having taken two of his previous firms to Chartered Status in the UK and also achieved the prestigious National IFA of the Year Award – Highly Commended. In addition, Mike is qualified to UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) standards, a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute, a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management (FISM), and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors (FIoD).

Financial Investment

Mike CoadyFinancial Investment

Mike Coady is an experienced investment advisor with insightful advice on how to invest and manage your money the smart way. Below are his latest investment advice blog posts on UK investment advice to help you understand all of its complexities. For expert tips about financial investment and UK investment advice, Mike Coady’s posts provide the bridge between novice and expert. Start your investment journey by reading today.

3 Simple Investment Tips

Investment tips to avoid these 3 mistakes Oh, the stock market is on a downturn. Quick, sell! Okay, wait, it’s picking back up again. Buy before it reaches its peak! Sound familiar? This exact scenario played out during the tail end of 2018. The last quarter was...

How to select risk and returns

Typically, when you are investing your hard-earned money, the idea is to ensure it continues to grow. Whether you are saving for retirement, children's education, or saving money to invest into property, the importance of your investments cannot be underestimated. However, many investors overlook the...

The importance of saving for the long term

You'll save tomorrow. Making that statement could mean that you spend the next years regretting it. The fact is, the sooner you start saving money, the less money you'll have to tuck away into a savings or retirement account.   The reason for this is simple. The...

Technology is Changing the Financial Industry

International Financial Advisers: Technology is changing the industry

The global marketplace is changing. For International Financial Advisers, the choice is stark: either adopt best practices in the face of challenges, or slowly become less relevant. Let’s take a look at how things are changing. On the financial front, there are increasing – and justified –...

Financial Advice Tip

Let’s learn quality control from manufacturing

Let’s learn quality control from manufacturing I’ve gone on record before saying quality is never an accident. It’s always because of careful processes designed to monitor, review and cross-check. It is the role of management to make sure that services are being delivered with quality across all...

swissglobal launches level up academy for on-demand knowledge acceleration

Brand leads the way in raising qualification standards for advisory and wealth management globally. Global financial solutions service provider swissglobal continues its drive towards setting new education and qualification standards by launching its in-house level up academy knowledge accelerator. The launch also builds on swissglobal’s focus...