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Mike Coady was appointed Chief Executive Officer of swissglobal in 2018, a position to which he brings a strong financial background and experience across a variety of roles. Mike is a skilled business strategy and growth leader, coach and motivator. He is a people’s person known for his ability to inspire teams towards excellence. He mentors his people and departments to transform their passion into outstanding results and long-lasting relationships with their clients.

Finance professionals lured back to London from Arabian Gulf

Mike CoadyExpat Advice Finance professionals lured back to London from Arabian Gulf

Finance professionals lured back to London from Arabian Gulf

The number of professionals returning to employment in the City of London from the Arabian Gulf is on the rise.  A report released by the Confederation of British Industry and PwC states that the total number of people working in the sector by the end of 2014 could reach 1.15 million, up from 1.12 million during the same time last year.

The 2008 global financial crisis resulted in a mass departure of finance professionals from the UK in search of enhanced career opportunities in the Gulf, but now the finance sector in Britain is on an upward trend, many expats are considering making the move ‘back home’.

The financial services industry in the UK is experiencing its greatest level of growth since 2007, with the majority of companies in the sector being “very optimistic” about the future,.

deVere United Kingdom’s Head of Financial Planning, Kevin White, echoes the findings of this report about the increase in the number of expatriates returning to Britain: “So far 2014 has seen continual growth in our client numbers, which we largely attribute to more and more expats coming ‘home’, as well as an increase in UK-based international investors seeking advice.”

deVere United Kingdom, part of deVere Group, one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations, specialises in expats returning to the UK, providing professional, independent financial services to clients.

deVere United Kingdom’s operations are continuing to expand in order to look after returning expats in the best possible way, and the team has a laser-like client focus and overarching objective of helping clients achieve their financial goals wherever they choose to live in Britain.  

As well as the plush new offices located in the City of London, deVere United Kingdom also has an office in the East Midlands

deVere Group is a robust global organisation that is proud to have a local presence.  Our clients know that wherever they choose to live in the world, they can still be serviced by deVere, as consistency when it comes to financial planning is paramount to ensure financial security in later life.

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