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Mike Coady was appointed Chief Executive Officer of swissglobal in 2018, a position to which he brings a strong financial background and experience across a variety of roles. Mike is a skilled business strategy and growth leader, coach and motivator. He is a people’s person known for his ability to inspire teams towards excellence. He mentors his people and departments to transform their passion into outstanding results and long-lasting relationships with their clients.

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Mike Coady is an experienced Financial Adviser, who has had a famous career working for major investment firms including DeVere Group, Guardian Wealth Management, and currently the swissgloablgroup.  There are two main things Mike loves, and that’s educating others on how to live the expat dream and to spread financial advice along the way. Within this section of our blog, viewers can typically read about Mike’s specialist advice on expat mortgages and top tips regarding financial services.

Our expat advice is straight to the point, and cutting edge. This means, our readers can digest key pieces of factual information, to help you make a considered mortgage decision  – as, after all, this is an important investment! As expats typically relocate to countries including the UAE, Switzerland, or back to the UK and around Europe, our blogs concerning expat mortgage advice are the perfect place to expand your knowledge.

Expat Financial Advice

Additionally, within our expat financial services section, readers can frequently find more information concerning an array of financial advice, on how to get the most out of your money when relocating, qualifying a recognised overseas pension scheme (QROPS), Tax relief in different countries, and lifestyle benefits in terms of health and financial benefits!

If you are an expat who is seeking financial advice, or simply require some guidance on your journey to a better life, read our insightful content and don’t forget to get in touch with Mike Coady – he loves helping fellow expats!

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Financial Advice and Savings Advice

Mike is considered a Financial guru for the industry and is an expert in producing quality financial advice and savings advice.

Specialising Mortgages, Mike has had a successful track record at DeVere Mortgages as the Groups UK Director, managing to secure lending for 95 per cent of clients living and/ or working in a different country. More than 70% of all expat enquiries come foreign nationals or British nationals living or working abroad, and interestingly 60% of these individuals applications reside in Switzerland, Spain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar and the Far East.

So if your seeking expat advice get in touch – we love to help!


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