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Mike Coady was appointed Chief Executive Officer of swissglobal in 2018, a position to which he brings a strong financial background and experience across a variety of roles. Mike is a skilled business strategy and growth leader, coach and motivator. He is a people’s person known for his ability to inspire teams towards excellence. He mentors his people and departments to transform their passion into outstanding results and long-lasting relationships with their clients.

Employee culture and how to improve

Mike CoadyBusiness News Employee culture and how to improve

Employee culture and how to improve

It is more than easy to understand what employers want from their employees, however it is way too often that an employer forgets what their employees seek in order to gain loyalty and long term trust.

I strongly believe that you will only get 110% effort out of your employees, if you truly value, respect and appreciate them. Every employee and member of any team/organisation have got to feel appreciated in order for them to trust and commit to you and the firm. This is a key element to any company success and growth.

As an employer, ask yourself the following questions:

  • When did you last publicly congratulate a team member?
  • What do you do to show appreciation of your staff?
  • Are your employees there to do a 9-5 job and go home, or are they on a journey with you?
  • Are your employees paid fairly, so the concept of money is taken off the table?
  • Are your employees coached, developed and supported?
  • Do you take action on their feedback and thoughts, do you seek it and value it?
  • Do you know what’s in it for them, why do they come to work, what do they want out of it?

All firms must ensure the leadership team review these points, in order to maximise our staff relationships ad commitment. When people feel support, their happiness in work is contagious, and therefore lifts the energy of the enviroment. Not only does this improve the company success, but it further strengthens different departments, company ethics and work cultures. It’s an instant win-win situation for both employer and employees.

Relationship Builder

When we hire people, we automatically introduce them to our company culture, ethics, and everyone runs at a million miles an hour. Do you stop to clarify questions, rumours and mindset , do you make it easier for people to approach you?

More often than not, relationships are much stronger when the employer makes themselves readily accessible and approachable.


Communication is imperative to ANY relationship. Whether you are communicating via email, phone, or whatsap, it is so important to communicate.

Employees will deal better with issues if they can communicate with their leaders, current problems will get solved much quicker, projects will be completed efficiently, and these all work together to create healthy relationships.

Getting to know your employees and helping them understand your preferred method of contact and your communication and leadership style is extremely empowering.

Let your employees in

Helping your employees understand the vision of your company is key, however ensuring they understand the journey everyone is on, the reasons why they do what they do each day, will make everyone feel extremely valued.

There is no better relationship than that where everybody understands the role each is playing and why.

Be transparent and whether things are going great or you find yourself in a not-so-great position, tell them. Share everything, transparency is everything. It will drive the overall performance of the group.


Your leadership style is vital. Whilst a “leader” will always have more power than its employees, it is super important that leaders do not hold this over their employees. This can cause disappointment and weaken the strongest of relationships. Never forget that before anything, you are a team.

Remember Managers make the decisions and inform their employees, Leaders brainstorm with their teams and ensure they come to a mutually beneficial decision. Whilst the decision may not always be in favour of the employee, having the opportunity and inclusion means a lot, and will strengthen the trust.

Do not let your talent feel neglected, so when building a relationship with your employees, remember:

  • Get to know your employees and ensure they know you
  • Be open about your goals, vision and company mission – You are on this journey together
  • Communicate – be approachable and accessible at all times
  • Be the leader your employees need you to be

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