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deVere United Kingdom receives Chartered Financial Planners status

Mike CoadyIndustry News deVere United Kingdom receives Chartered Financial Planners status

deVere United Kingdom receives Chartered Financial Planners status

It’s an honour to say that deVere United Kingdom has been awarded the prestigious Chartered Financial Planners status by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

We are all thrilled to receive this award, which is the gold standard for UK-based financial planning organisations.

In addition, we boast three Fellows of the CII, two of whom achieved this status whilst working for deVere, and we believe this accomplishment helped us to achieve such an esteemed title.

As I was quoted as saying in FT Adviser and International Adviser, amongst other media, this week, receiving the Chartered Financial Planners status highlights our ongoing dedication to raising standards and expertise; providing the highest quality advice to clients, robustly backed up by first class service and support.

Indeed, deVere United Kingdom’s continuing development is acknowledged by this status, which in turn, helps us to stand out from the competition.

While there are several factors that set deVere United Kingdom apart from its competitors, to my mind the main one is our strength and depth in regard to all areas of financial advice.

We boast specialist resources that provide personalised opportunities through our financial advisers, on to our clients.

One such example is the Best Advice Team, combining and sharing best practice across the business, by maintaining solid relationships and frequent interaction with lawyers, investment managers and tax specialists.  We constantly strive to search for and identify ways to improve, and seek fresh ideas to ensure our clients’ best interests benefit as much as possible.

Achieving Chartered Financial Planners status underlines our ability to offer an optimum planning service, by meeting strict criteria in relation to professional qualifications and standards.

Furthermore, we have implemented various client-centric advancements over the last year, which again, we believe, have helped us to gain this significant title.

However, we also understand that this is just the starting point on our journey to becoming one of the top independent financial advisory practices in the country, and we look forward to accomplishing our goal of deVere United Kingdom becoming a ‘thought leader’ in relation to advice standards in this industry.


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