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swissglobal Funds Middle East’s only elite-level incubator for handpicked young golfers

Global financial advisory and wealth management firm swissglobal has taken on the role of official sponsor for the Emirates Golf Club Junior Elite programme. The initiative is the Middle East’s only elite-level incubator for handpicked, talented youngsters with the potential to take the golfing world by storm.

The programme selects single-figure handicap golfers in the 10-16 age bracket who have the potential to either go professional, or win a sports scholarship to a US college. The Emirates Golf Club Junior Elite programme is considered one of the leading golf development programmes for juniors anywhere in the world.

“swissglobal is very pleased to contribute to the development of young golfing talent. We believe in talent, and the perseverance and hard work it takes to develop it to its full potential. Internally, we nurture and support our internal teams towards excellence. And we’re very happy to bring the same belief in human potential to a programme as exciting and rigorous as the Emirates Golf Club Junior Elite,” said swissglobal CEO Mike Coady.

The latest round of the Emirates Golf Club Junior Elite is a multicultural affair, with representation from India, France, Spain, USA, Taiwan, Kenya, England and the Czech Republic.

The talented young golfers are being put through a schedule of tuition, training and fitness after school hours. Mondays are dedicated to biomechanics, with supervised practice sessions scheduled for Tuesday. Golf-specific gym workouts are a Wednesday staple, while Thursdays host 9-hole competitions. Fridays see the junior elites polish their golf swings at a mechanics session, whereas Saturdays are dedicated to putting master classes. The sessions are being organised by the Peter Cowen Academy Dubai at Emirates Golf Club, which is staffed and run by PGA professionals.

The programme, which runs for three eight-week terms starting October 1st 2018, sees the Junior Elites participate in every UAE Junior event. They also travel to Los Angeles during spring break to compete in high-level Southern California Junior Tour events.

Their busy season continues with international competitions throughout the summer months of 2019. In 2018, many of the Junior Elites in the programme swept to victory in globally recognised events.

swissglobal’s sponsorship will fund transport to and from local UAE events. It will also go towards furnishing the Elites with team uniforms and swissglobal- branded kit including shirts, hats, bags, balls and gloves. The sponsorship funds will support travel expenses during the Los Angeles excursion in spring, and also lend support towards tuition and tournament entry fees.

“The Emirates Golf Club Junior Elite programme emphasises youth, potential, growth and excellence. It also shows that the highest level of achievement only comes about by a dedication to continuous improvement and learning. At swissglobal, these ideas are part of our core culture and client promise. We also believe that swissglobal, Emirates Golf Cub and The Peter Cowen Academy Dubai are aligned when it comes to exceptional work ethics, strong reputations and a desire to excel,” concluded Coady.

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