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Brand leads the way in raising qualification standards for advisory and wealth management globally.

Global financial solutions service provider swissglobal continues its drive towards setting new education and qualification standards by launching its in-house level up academy knowledge accelerator. The launch also builds on swissglobal’s focus on technology and digitalisation as enablers of superior customer service.

The online level up Academy gives teams access to professional development and learning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world. It delivers a combination of diploma, advanced and chartered training. The course bank includes CISI and CII learning materials from Level 3 to Level 6. The levelup Academy also carries proprietary swissglobal modules on soft skills, leadership and fund-specific training. Teams can, in addition, access specific knowledge modules on data protection, GDPR regulation, KYC and anti-money laundering best practices, etc.

Content is delivered in engaging manner through online videos and webinars, with interactive question banks boosting retention.

The level up Academy is part of swissglobal’s knowledge and professional development strategy. It links to the firm’s new & upgraded HR systems to facilitate gap analyses that identify each employee’s individual learning needs, and sets out a roadmap to accelerate learning. HR integration also enables management information and learning reports – giving swissglobal the ability to track individual learning progress.

Level up academy by swissglobal furthers the brand’s advocacy towards raising qualification standards across the industry. The firm has emerged as an ardent advocate for excellence, transparency and expertise throughout the international financial advisory industry.

“level up academy by swissglobal sets a new benchmark for professional development in our industry. Not only does it serve as proof of our commitment to better learning standards industry-wide but
also helps us attract better talent by offering continuous progression opportunities. And when you raise the learning capabilities of your teams, you also improve their ability to service clients, resulting in an even more sophisticated operation,” said swissglobal CEO Mike Coady.