deVere Group moves into the New Year with more continued success to report regarding its structured products.

No less than five autocallable notes, all of which are exclusive to deVere clients, matured over the festive period alone.

These notes were the RBS Autocallable 7, RBS Autocallable 37, Morgan Stanley 5y Autocallable on 3 Indices, Morgan Stanley 5y Autocallable on 3 Indices, and Goldman Sachs US, Europe and HK Autocallable 6.  On the valuation date, all indices tracked by each note were above their initial strike date levels.  And in total in 2013, a total of 26 sets of notes matured.

This is fantastic news for our clients.  This is what being a financial adviser is all about: helping clients increase their wealth.

Clearly, with the early maturities and high returns to clients, deVere’s structured products programme is going from strength-to-strength.

Besides the incredibly impressive results – which look set to continue throughout 2014 – and the market exclusivity of the notes, another key attraction and part of the programme’s success is that deVere, unlike the vast majority of brokers, only sources its products from the investment banks directly, thereby cutting out any of the unnecessary costs.

I look forward to deVere Group’s structured products delivering even better returns for our clients this year.  We’ve certainly began 2014 as we intend to carry on!