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Mike is an award-winning financial expert and a well-known leader in the financial industry.Having taken two of his previous firms to Chartered Status in the UK and also achieved the prestigious National IFA of the Year Award – Highly Commended.In addition, Mike is a well known Independent Financial Adviser and Money Coach. Qualified to UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) standards, a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute, a Founding Fellow of the Institute of Sales Professionals (FF.ISP), a Fellow of the Institute of Directors (FIoD) and featured as a highly qualified Financial Adviser in Which Financial Adviser.

Leadership with vision – the key to outstanding profit success

Mike CoadydeVere Leadership with vision – the key to outstanding profit success

Leadership with vision – the key to outstanding profit success

Recently announced, here’s some extremely positive news for both the deVere Group and our clients.  Q1 2013 turnover and profits have soared. Get this: turnover has increased by 21 percent and profit is up more than 300 percent, compared to the same quarter last year.

These numbers not only highlight our market-leading position, they aptly demonstrate deVere’s corporate strength and continued growth.  So, how did we do it?

Firstly, as part of a major six-month strategic review – the final results of which will be announced this September – we’re currently undertaking a careful consolidation and streamlining programme in Western Europe and Africa.  This is already working to great effect, as we can see in our upward-trending ‘bottom line’ figures.

Overseen by our founder and chief executive, Nigel Green, and senior management, the review will examine the markets we’re currently in, the markets we want to develop further and analyse what is required to lead the way in them.

Secondly, we’ve been investing significant resources in additional acquisitions, innovative client, and adviser-based technologies, as well as in the very best people – our number one asset.

We’ve promoted many managers to senior positions across the world and they have been living up to their potential, driving business, satisfying clients, and upholding our position as the world’s leading independent financial consultancy.

Additionally, we’re recruiting more high profile industry figures too.  And our pioneering global graduate training programme continues to meet our growing demand for the most highly skilled wealth management professionals.

deVere’s success, a testament to the CEO’s vision

But paramount to our continued success though has to be Nigel Green himself.

In Nigel, we are lucky to have a chief executive who is brave enough to make the toughest decisions.  A leader who is consistently and intuitively in touch with global markets and industry trends, a leader who is driven by insight and foresight, and a leader who’s not afraid to re-imagine the structure of our fast-growing company to always keep us ahead of the game as we move forward.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the deVere Group, that’s for sure.  And with everyone’s enthusiasm and hard work, as well as Nigel’s leadership and vision for the future, we’re going to be looking at even greater success in the years ahead.

And that’s not only good news for us as an organisation, it’s brilliant news for our clients.

About Mike Coady

Mike Coady is an expat expert based in Dubai and is on hand to help with all of the above and more.

Mike is an award-winning money coach and industry leader in the financial sector.

Qualified to UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) standards, a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute, a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management (FISM), a Fellow of the Institute of Directors (FIoD), and featured as a highly qualified Financial Adviser in Which Financial Adviser.

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Mike CoadyMike Coady
Mike Coady

Mike is recognised at the forefront of financial planning as a financial advice mentor who demands only the best outcomes for both individuals and businesses he works alongside.

  • Richard Sinclair

    I agree with Mike. Nigel’s vision and drive seem to place deVere ahead in every direction, this is clearly demonstrated by the growth the deVere group has achieved in the last ten years in terms of office numbers, advisers and returns and service for clients.
    Richard Sinclair
    Area Manager, Munich.

  • Francisco Mahfuz

    Having worked with Nigel since 2008, I must say that the energy and drive he brings to the job is not only impressive but incredibly inspiring. I can’t remember a single change in the marketplace that caused him to be negative or worry – it has always been about a change of direction when needed, but always upwards. And we have managed to adapt and grow while at the same time working closer with the regulators and tightening quality and compliance procedures – which explains why the customer satisfaction reports are so good and improving.

    Francisco Mahfuz
    Area Manager, Barcelona

  • Alex Herbert

    I am currently in my 10th year with the deVere Group and have seen first hand the success story that Nigel has created. In a fast paced and fast changing industry everything is taken in our CEOs stride and viewed as another excellent opportunity.

    Alex Herbert
    Area Manager, Marbella

  • Jack Kerswell

    I have worked with deVere for 3 years now and I have been privileged to see first hand how dynamic and enthusiastic Nigel Green is. The success the business has achieved over the last ten years and the continued growth we will continue to enjoy is a direct outcome of his fantastic leadership and his ability to surround himself with like minded individuals committed to giving the best service possible to their clients every day.

  • Nathan Tarr

    Inspirational is the one word that I think sums up Nigel for me. What Nigel has a a achieved in a relatively short space of time is astonishing. The drive, the passion, the energy Nigel gives off every day is what the whole of deVere Group feeds off. After almost 5 years with the company I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else……everywhere else just seems so slow and dull!

    Nathan Tarr
    Area Manager Zurich

  • Colin Eldridge

    Nigel Green is an amazing leader of our global operation. His vision, passion and enthusiasm are his key qualities which make him someone I am very proud to work for and with. I have been with the company for 3 years and have enjoyed it enormously, with Nigel’s leadership the sky is the limit!

    Colin Eldridge
    Team Leader, Milan

  • andy oliver

    Agree with all of the sentiments below. Nigel is exactly what a CEO should be. Takes the helicopter view, lives and breathes with passion “doing the right thing for our clients”, and drives the vision forward with energy and enthusiasm. A pleasure to work for!

  • Richard Bayle

    After 41 years in this business, I can confidently say Nigel’s enthusiasm and business acumen is second to none. it has been a pleasure to end my years in financial servies with such an inspirational leader.

  • Quentin Sellar

    I’ve worked for deVere for just over a year now and can happily state that it’s a privilege to work for such a visionary. His drive, passion, enthusiasm and sheer determination to ensure that our clients has access to the best products and advice in the world is infectious. Thank you Nigel!

  • JustineRoe

    Nigel´s visit to the ECC was a great boost for everyone here, his energy, passion and belief in de Vere and the people who work within the group was amazing motivation to push yourself and realise your potential. It was great to meet him.

  • John Alden

    Since I joined 3 years ago Nigel has never been any different. full of energy and enthusiasm with great vision. A great leader with the passion to do and provide the right thing for the clients.

  • George Moore

    I joined the deVere Group around 16 months ago having seen Nigel Green conduct a preview of the Company in London. Nigel`s enthusiasm was very motivational and his passion for the business clearly evident. Nigel Green and Mike Coady have both shown clear direction and commitment that will ensure the deVere Group remain at the top of the Industry.

  • Alexandra Malkin

    Nigel Green is an inspiring leader who drives others forward with his innovative thinking and total dedication to the company and the companies clients. Having been with deVere for nearly 5 years, and look to be for many more, having someone with such boundless enthusiasm as a leader is a key part of what makes the company great to work for. His determination to provide excellent service and to service the clients needs with the very best options that are available to them is something that is not prevalent in this industry at times but is what makes us stand head and shoulders about other financial companies.

  • Kerry Newcombe

    Nigel Green is, without doubt, one of the most energetic and inspirational individuals I have had the pleasure to work for. Nigel’s unique passion has provided a refreshing approach to drive the business forward and achieve exceptional levels of client satisfaction.

  • Tim Hinchliffe

    Working for deVere under Nigel’s vision is what drives me on a daily basis.
    His hands on approach and tenacity are an example to anyone, in any industry or walk of life. A true example of what can be achieved with the right attitude.

  • steve iball

    I have worked for some very good leaders in this industry but Nigel’s vision and attention to details is outstanding ensuring all that the company leads the competition in their tracks

  • Mitch Hopkinson

    I have been with deVere since September last year and find it a very dynamic place to be. It is reassuring to be a part of an organisation that is investing in its future amidst an industry (in the UK), that is shrinking.

  • Jason Trowles

    Joining deVere was undoubtably the best decision in my life.
    From the 1st day at the preview in London held by Nigel Green until now his enthusiasm and work ethic has inspired so many people.
    I hope anybody joining deVere has as much satisfaction as I have.
    Great to be a part of it.

  • Joe Murray

    I have been working for deVere Group for a number of years now and the company as they say is only as good as its leaders, Nigel Green is above all the most energetic, inspirational and true leader to work for. The company makes sure they set the benchmark on training, customer service, dedication, and enthusiasm which all stem from Nigel Green making the company a pleasure to work for. Knowing your working alongside the best in the business and the best resource for your clients, being able to take care of there needs. They inspire and motivate me daily to be the best I can and do the best for my clients and company, I can truly say it is the best thing that I have done is join the best in the world with the most inspiring leader of them all Mr Nigel Green and the deVere Group. I can not wait and am looking forward to years and future to come with in the deVere Group.

  • Brent Mayhew

    Having worked under the deVere canopy for 9 years it comes as no surprise profits have increased so well in Q1 and the group continues to expand exponentially.
    Working with Nigel Green a CEO who’s drive to succeed is only outweighed by his determination to get it right, you just can’t help but catch his enthusiasm and positivity.
    Financial services is quite possibly one of the most difficult industries to navigate especially in recent years, where your ability to adapt is all that stands between success and failure.
    To implement systems that so greatly improve client services & enhance the client experience while adapting a corporate to the ever changing horizon is a magnificent achievement alone.
    But to grow turnover and increase profit at the same time is an amazing story of success driven by the total focus and dedication of one man who’s quest is simply, to be the best.

  • Stuart Holmes

    Having worked for Nigel for 5 years, I can agree with all of the comments on this page. Nigel’s natural passion and knowledge in our industry is simply outstanding, and will continually keep us as market leaders. I say this alot, but if you get the opportunity to spend time with Nigel, take it!

  • Alex Sedgfield

    Nigel’s passion and enthusiasm towards every aspect of his role with deVere is simply off the scale. He is an inspirational leader and a pleasure to work with. I will of been with deVere for 6 years in June and both Nigel and Mike have provided me with the best opportunity I could of hoped for. Through the continual ongoing training and professional development, deVere Group has understandably become the World’s leader offering our client’s the best possible products with a real focus on delivering ongoing service.

  • Andrew Carter

    3 years ago I was in my mind a successful IFA in the UK, that was until I joined Nigel and deVere and realised I had no where near reached the potential I was capable of. His enthusiasm and work ethics seemed to have rubbed off on me and all I can see for my future until retirement is Nigel/deVere/me and success.

  • James Dodds

    I jumped at the chance to join the company over a decade ago
    after hearing Nigel speak.

    His passion, drive and vision are important factors as to
    why I’m still here.

    Loving the journey that is deVere

  • David Naughton

    It is no wonder deVere Group is and remains at the forefront of the industry when it has a CEO of Nigel Green’s qualities at the helm. Inspirational & motivational only partly describe his continuous drive for excellence and working for the company has not only been a pleasure, but a life-changing experience. With a man of Nigel’s vision leading the way, the future looks very bright indeed.

  • Justin Hill

    I’ve been with deVere for a few years now and have seen some great changes with the company along the way. Nigel’s leadership has ensured the success for deVere and it’s clients. He has amazing passion and enthusiasm for what he does and I personally am looking forward to seeing the even greater success over the coming years. A true inspirational leader!

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