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Recently announced, here’s some extremely positive news for both the deVere Group and our clients.  Q1 2013 turnover and profits have soared. Get this: turnover has increased by 21 percent and profit is up more than 300 percent, compared to the same quarter last year.

These numbers not only highlight our market-leading position, they aptly demonstrate deVere’s corporate strength and continued growth.  So, how did we do it?

Firstly, as part of a major six-month strategic review – the final results of which will be announced this September – we’re currently undertaking a careful consolidation and streamlining programme in Western Europe and Africa.  This is already working to great effect, as we can see in our upward-trending ‘bottom line’ figures.

Overseen by our founder and chief executive, Nigel Green, and senior management, the review will examine the markets we’re currently in, the markets we want to develop further and analyse what is required to lead the way in them.

Secondly, we’ve been investing significant resources in additional acquisitions, innovative client, and adviser-based technologies, as well as in the very best people – our number one asset.

We’ve promoted many managers to senior positions across the world and they have been living up to their potential, driving business, satisfying clients, and upholding our position as the world’s leading independent financial consultancy.

Additionally, we’re recruiting more high profile industry figures too.  And our pioneering global graduate training programme continues to meet our growing demand for the most highly skilled wealth management professionals.

deVere’s success, a testament to the CEO’s vision

But paramount to our continued success though has to be Nigel Green himself.

In Nigel, we are lucky to have a chief executive who is brave enough to make the toughest decisions.  A leader who is consistently and intuitively in touch with global markets and industry trends, a leader who is driven by insight and foresight, and a leader who’s not afraid to re-imagine the structure of our fast-growing company to always keep us ahead of the game as we move forward.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the deVere Group, that’s for sure.  And with everyone’s enthusiasm and hard work, as well as Nigel’s leadership and vision for the future, we’re going to be looking at even greater success in the years ahead.

And that’s not only good news for us as an organisation, it’s brilliant news for our clients.

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