Wisdom, knowledge and experience – three attributes that John brings to his demanding role of Area Manager Madrid at deVere Spain in bundles.

Before joining deVere, John excelled in senior executive roles in major manufacturing and service organisations. Here he enjoyed great success with achievements that included increasing sales revenue by more than 75 per cent for one company, restructuring and rebuilding management teams, systems and supply chain to improve service levels to 98 per cent for another and successfully repositioning the brand, downsizing the cost base and substantially increasing revenue of a well-known furniture firm.

Impressive figures, and there are many more examples, all of which caught the eye of senior deVere executives leading to John being taken on as a consultant at the Madrid office in 2009.

It soon became evident that John’s people skills, attention to detail, financial insight and drive to out-perform expectations of deVere clients warranted promotion and in October 2011 he became deVere Spain’s Area Manager in the Spanish capital.

Today, John offers a highly respected, first class service to a wide and varied client base with specific focus on the provision of financial advice to high net worth and expatriate clients. Typically this advice encompasses retirement planning, children’s education, college fee funding, protection and insurance planning, wealth preservation, QROPS, ATES, EURBS and QNUPS.

Having found his vocation with deVere Spain, John’s wife Nicola joined him in Madrid at the end of 2013 to set up home. Together they have two children, Harriet who’s working in Australia and Matthew who’s on the cusp of turning golf tour professional.  Away from the demands of work and supporting his children’s activities, John likes nothing more than a relaxing walk with his dog – an enviable and healthy work/life balance.